Caturday felids: Guatemala trifecta

October 24, 2009 • 5:30 am

Cats are thin on the ground in Guatemala, but I did find a few.  First up is Sammy, the resident cat at Nim P’ot, a textile/weaving store in Antigua (their webpage is a virtual museum of local styles of weaving).  Sammy, who’s now 13, was deliberately shot by someone when he was three.  As a result, one of his front paws is deformed, so he walks with difficulty.  He spends his day sleeping on the piles of hupiles, but, I’m told, has no problem limping to his food bowl and litterbox.


Next up is Oreo, who lives on the coffee-and-tea farm and biological reserve of Los Andes, on the side of the volcano Atitlán.  Oreo is one of the few cats in Guatemala who has his own bed, but he prefers to lie on a lap, or bask before the traditional wood stove while the cook makes tortillas.

Oreo 096

Oreo 1 102

And what would Guatemala Caturday be without a felid weaving?  Here’s a cat-themed huipil (I suspect it’s a jaguar):

cat huipil 22

4 thoughts on “Caturday felids: Guatemala trifecta

  1. How DO you find these places?

    Do you realize that as one scrolls past the felid weaving it appears to grow in size and then shrink? Jerry, are you some kind of shaman????

  2. That’s not a jaguar! Can’t you discern that typical fierce kitten sideways hop pose when you see it? LOL

  3. Damn.

    Oreo looks like the spitting image of my Dummkatz. I knew he’d been lost from someone when I got him, but not that it was a family in Guatemala.

  4. There’s a rather nice optical illusion going on with the last image. If you use the mouse wheel to scroll the page it looks like the cats are on some kind of conveyor belt.

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