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  1. In Calgary, Georgia they have a Mule Day Museum (or Muleseum, as I like to say) and ever single information display is chock full of seemingly random quotation marks scattered though the text. I took some photos at the time, but can only find one, not particularly heinous example. Here it is:

    The “tobacco leaf stringer” was used to “string” tobacco leaves so they could be “cured” or dried, prior to sales.

  2. I used to do a lot of editing on Wikipedia, and the Wikimedia markup language specifies italics with two single-quote. In other words, ”this would be italicized”. During the time when I was most heavily editing Wikipedia, I occasionally caught myself in e-mails or blog comment forms accidentally trying to add emphasis like ”this” instead of like *this* or like this.

    So when I see this kind of thing, I just tell myself that the people doing the billboard were Wikipedia addicts. It’s almost certainly untrue, but it’s a comforting delusion. (Does that make me religious? heh)

  3. If you are not actually quoting anything, I interpret quotes as meaning “not really this”. So that sign is perfect.

    I do have an issue with apostrophitis. (As in cigarette’s) It’s ubiquitous; even in professional ads. Makes me twitch.

    1. I caught myself doing it in a comment on some blog just yesterday. Unfortunately it was a blog where you can’t edit once a comment was posted. Deeply embarrassing. Thankfully, nobody pointed it out 🙂

  4. Thats great! There is a Taco Bell near me in San Diego that says the following:
    Sorry we do not accept larger than “$20” dollar bills.
    Its hilarious both because of the unnecessary quotes, but also because of the redundant dollar sign.

  5. Poor troops.

    I’d thank the troops for the troops, but I’m odd like that. Not wasting gratitude on the Easter Bunny an’ all.

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