Caturday felids: fishing cats

September 26, 2009 • 6:16 am

Fishing cats, Prionailurus viverrinus, are small Asian cats that live mainly near coastal wetlands. Yes, they do catch fish, but they also eat rodents and other things. (Click here to read about them, and make sure to listen to their weird cries by clicking on the sound bar near the top of the page).

Here are some fishing cat kittens earning their name:

More fishing cat kittens from the Cincinnati Zoo:

7 thoughts on “Caturday felids: fishing cats

  1. WANT!

    My heart breaks for the one looking so scared in the corner.

    They remind me of otters when they’re wet – might be the paws.

    For comparison, here’s Dummkatz in his not so natural environment.

  2. Interesting, beguiling, even. I could nor connect to the fishingcarproject link – Sigh My daughter has a yellow tabby who loves to get in the bathtub, and will put children’s socks and small toys in her water dish. I have maintained she is part raccoon. I expect she would find nothing odd about fishing.

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