Caturday felids

July 25, 2009 • 4:46 am

A double header today to celebrate Mark Buehrle’s perfect game for the White Sox on Thursday — the first such game for the team since 1922.

First up is Jessie, the attention-seeking cat.  Pathetic, isn’t he (or she)?  The moggie reminds me of my own days in grad school.  If you were the human, how long could you have held out?

h/t: PrimeMate

And the awwgasm of the day: a deer giving his kitteh a bath.

7 thoughts on “Caturday felids

  1. Jessie has it all wrong. The proper thing to do would have been to walk away just as soon as the guy started paying attention to him/her.

  2. Jessie looks a lot like my kitteh, Monk. Monk is the only feline I’ve ever met who meows like crazy when she’s stalking prey (i.e., bugs in the apartment). Maybe she was taken from her mommy when she was itty bitty and never learned the art of silent hunting.

    P.S. Mike, yeah, Jessie should have walked away, then turned around a moment later and looked absolutely flabbergasted that The Human wasn’t showering him/her with affection anymore.

  3. THe guy made Jessie work hard for that petting.

    Obviously, one of the conditions to the deer for staying at that rehab center is that they have to help take care of the cat. Hey, nothing is free.

  4. I have a cat (Calvin) who is very much like Jessie only he vocalizes his demands as well with a forlorn pleading meow. He will also seek out reachable patches of skin to paw (claw) to force compliance. In bed, I try to cover up and turn away from him, but he will seek out my face just to get in it.

    And, damn if I don’t ALWAYS give in… so I’m just reinforcing his wily persistence. I try to pretend I’m asleep, but I always peek to see what he’s doing, and he’s always waiting for me to peek so he can swat my eye to say–“see I knew you were awake–now pet me, dammit!”

    Let’s face it, as much as we pretend to be in control of the felines, they are actually in control of us while letting us imagine that we are the boss.

  5. In the wild you hardly ever see individual animals of different species socialize. Unless ofcourse to eat or avoid being eaten.
    Why is that?

  6. I had to suppress a squeal (twice) for fear someone in a neighboring office would think I was being assaulted.

    @Rebecca C.
    One of my cats gets an F in hunting but an A++ for being so cute in her attempt at hunting: if there is a bug, make bizarre but incredibly cute and high pitched vocalizations until it goes away. Same goes for q-tips on the floor (they don’t go away so easily so she just stands and meows for a long time). If there is a toy, meow at it for a while, then pick it up and bring it to momma.

  7. Nice videos, but not cool as the replay of Dewayne Wise making the catch that preserved the perfect game.

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