Whoops — new winner

July 18, 2009 • 5:07 am

Divalent, who won the autographed book, has weighed in, bowing out in favor of Your Name’s Not Bruce? for the reasons below (from a post on the “winner” thread).  What a non-militant and civil thing to do!   YNNBruce?, please email me to claim your prize.

Well, it’s flattering to read the accolades, and get an autographed copy of WEIT (I already have a non-autographed copy) but I think the honorable thing for me to do is to pass the honor to the person who should be (IMO) the rightful winner: “Your Name’s Not Bruce?”.

He listed 5 entries in his original post, with “Faiththeist” as his first, and then later went with his 4th and 5th entries when he discovered the rules limited you to two entries.

(subsequently others noted that the double “th” was redundant).

I merely recognized (as did many others) that it was a very good choice and was fortunate to be able to claimed it when he apparently abandoned it.  But I didn’t “coyne” the word, and I’ll note that at least one other independently proposed it after “Your Name’s Not Bruce?” posted his (and so would arguably have a better claim if “Your Name’s Not Bruce?” has to be eliminated on this technicality).

So, “Your Name’s Not Bruce?” really deserves the win (IMO) because he did the creative act (not me).  But if he doesn’t show up to claim it and you still need to unload the signed copy of WEIT, I know of any number of good high schools in my state (including a few in Cobb Co, GA) that I would prefer to be the recipient.

7 thoughts on “Whoops — new winner

  1. Congratulations! But mind if we call you Bruce just to keep things clear?

    I liked the “muzzle-em’s” as well although I thought it might implicate a less popular (at least in the USA) big religion which is not currently the largest promoter of creationism.

  2. Who says atheists have no morals? Way to go divalent. 🙂

    Did anyone suggest “ignorstics”? Ehh… faitheists is a great word – so faitheists they is!

    1. My first entry was “ignorestics”.
      My favorite entry is still “Accomodati”.
      Unfortunately the competition is over as I came up with the perfect word for Chris Mooney’s approach to the religious while watching the new ‘Bruno’ movie.

    2. Gosh; I feel like a dark-horse runner up to Miss America suddenly having to take the tiara and fulfill the duties (whatever the hell they are) entrusted to the winner! I figured I lost out fair and square (having exceeded the number of entries allowed, chosen something else for my “official” ones and leaving the second “th” in). That is very kind of Divalent to decline in my favour. I graciously accept his/her generous offer. And I graciously accept Jerry’s book, which is much better than a tiara! I’m looking forward to reading it.

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