Caturday felids: Mr. Peebles, world’s smallest cat, and Leo, the longest cat

June 20, 2009 • 8:54 am

Here, certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, is Mr. Peebles, a hefty six-inch, 2.8 pounder who lives at a vet clinic in Illinois (I’m going to see him). His is a heartwarming story — a wormy runt saved by a good Samaritan.



The longest cat in the world is also in Illinois: the leonine Verisimo Leonetti Reserve Red. At 35 pounds, Verisimo weighs as much as 12 Mr. Peebleses.


Also: This week’s grandpa-rolls-over-in-his grave award to Lydia Guevara, granddaughter of Che, who has doffed her duds to advertise for PETA. It’s a pretty funny photo, what with the carrots and all, but I’m sure that Che, had he not been killed in Bolivia, would be steamed. I happen to be reading a biography of Che, and have just gotten to the part where, to keep silence during an attack in Cuba’s mountains, he strangled a puppy with a rope.

I’m in Boston and will continue substantive discussion next week.

4 thoughts on “Caturday felids: Mr. Peebles, world’s smallest cat, and Leo, the longest cat

  1. Mr.Peebles fits that glass perfectly as if it were made for him. The way it accommodates him is like a designer planned it…. Wait! Could it be that Mr.Peebles is in reality the notorious AccommoCat!, Master of Quantum Fluctuation?

  2. No, Longcat is only loooooong. That does not imply that he need be the longest.

    Suddenly I find reason to admire Che …

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