The face of — in the dirt!

June 5, 2009 • 9:55 am

I had my first “supernatural” experience this morning.  While walking to work, I saw this pattern in the dirt at the bottom of the steps up to my building.  I stopped dead and took a photo.  Now it can’t be the face of Jesus because there are no whiskers (as we all know, Jesus had a beard), so who is it?  To me it looks like Virginia Woolf.


Woolf right

15 thoughts on “The face of — in the dirt!

  1. I saw the rotting corpse of Ben Franklin. Maybe old Ben’s getting restless and wants to see what the republic looks like.

  2. It cannot be Virginia Woolf or George Washington. The usual practice wants that this kind of apparition must be either Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ.

    If it is not the case, it is because :

    1. either Virginia Woolf was the reincarnation of Virgin Mary

    2. or George Washington was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ

    3. or this is Satan appearing here to mislead people.

    Option 3 for the average believer, for sure.

  3. I’ve always believed in Virginia Woolf, so “it’s comforting to think that if [s]he is there, [s]he’s watching over us.” (adjusted quote from “Jesus appears in Marmite” WEIT 28 May 2009)

  4. I think you are looking at it upside-down, (hallucinex fashion). From over here it looks like that human torch guy from marvel comics (was it DC?).

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