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April 27, 2009 • 6:28 am

Several people have asked how to get regular email feeds from this site.  The answer is that I’m basically computer-illiterate and don’t know.  However, an alert reader, “White Rabbit,” has sent the following in a thread, which I append here.  Let me know if it works.

it doesn’t come up with a title but it does track the posts.

I use Flock so it picked it up automatically.

Also see the comments below, which give other ways to get a feed.  Thanks to all!

10 thoughts on “Getting feeds from this site

  1. Folk can get live updates if they use RSS feeds in either IE or Firefox (I don’t use any other browsers, but I’d be surprised if they aren’t the same).

    In Firefox I use Sage-Too to handle my subscribed feeds (a simple add-on from Firefox Download and install the add-in, navigate to WEIT web page and use the feed search tool to subscribe.

    In IE7, click Tools > Feed Discovery > (page title) followed by Tools > Subscribe to this Feed.

    Both show updated content in the sidebar when you select your RSS application.

    I find RSS the best way to track new content, but Jerry is right, the sidebar doesn’t show the title for WEIT :O and I’ve never managed to change it (because it reverts to “(No Title)” every time the feed updates.

    1. I’m a Firefox and Sage-Too user, too. Very easy to add rss.

      If the reader has clicked on Jogga’s link to Sage-Too but sees nothing, just delete the final parenthesis in the url.

      Or just click here instead. Takes you to the same place.

      1. Thanks for correcting my error Stephen and my apologies to anyone who ended up staring at a blank screen.


  2. I use Google Reader, so all I had to do was click the “Add a Subscription” button and paste in the address of your. It also came up without a title, but Reader lets you edit titles as you wish, so it was no big problem for me.

  3. Another Google Reader user here. I keep up with all the blogs I like to read that way. And all I needed was the URL to your blog. Google takes care of the rest.

  4. Jerry,

    You should be able to fix that “no title” issue. Yours is the only feed that shows “no title” in my RSS reader, so there’s no ambiguity for me. But there must be a title you can set in WordPress somewhere.


  5. I use Bloglines ( to keep track of most of the things I’m interested. Currently I’m following 147 different feeds here. It’s nice because I can group them into different categories and don’t get everything in one big bundle. I just click “Add”, paste in the address of the blog or or.. and save it.

  6. Also some browsers like Mozilla Firefox put an orange box with 3 white lines in the title bar. This is present when it can detect a RSS feed.

    Clicking on it gives you options to subscribe.

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