April 21, 2009 • 3:05 pm

Joel K. has put all the clues together to get the correct answer, or at least as close as one can get without further tedium.  Sandwich + Britain + grilled = a British grilled sandwich.  As anyone who’s visited the UK (or looks on Wikipedia) knows, a British grilled sandwich is called a “toastie.”

The name of my bear is TOASTY.  “Toastie” is close enough, so an autographed volume will go out to Joel when he sends me his name, address, and preferred inscription.

Congrats, Joel, and now let’s get back to our usual discourse.

12 thoughts on “Da bear: WE HAVE A WINNER!

  1. DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH, JOEL! My autographed copy of WEIT is still sitting on Jerry’s desk, nearly a year after I read it in MS!

  2. Jerry,

    Are you sure that the name is Joel? I did a search of all the threads and found that someone named Paul Mundy entered Toasty/Toastie. Couldn’t find Joel with this guess. Can you enlighten us?

  3. YAY!!!!

    That’s awesome, I’ve love your book Jerry and an autographed copy will take a place of pride on my shelf!!

  4. Nick,
    I see the comment you’re talking about but I posted my guess right after the first one I made on the 3rd clue thread. I’m guessing it got deleted for being a double post, but I did put it there and before Pauls post.

  5. Thanks Joel, and congrats – it couldn’t have happened to a better person (unless it was me, of course).

  6. Well guessed Joel, I did see your post earlier in the thread after I had sent mine. For some reason yours isn’t there anymore. Enjoy the book!

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