4 thoughts on “Caturday Felid–Wake UP!

  1. I think I have that book somewhere.

    Luckily Dummkatz is every bit as fond of sleeping as I am. Pretty funny on weekends, really. When he wants to get up, I don’t, but when I wake up, he’s fast asleep on the duvet, so I go back to sleep – again.

    On weekdays, he’s learnt that it’s time to get fed when the second alarm goes off, though. So he’s my third alarm in a sense (I am not good with mornings).

  2. ROFLmeow! I LUUUUUUUURVS me some Simon’s Cat – Simon Tofield is a freeking genius. As for Lugosi, he’s a pest – but that’s what cats are for. They always know their place… and they never let us “sily h00minz” forget it either. They keep us honest that way.

    BTW, I wonder if Lugosi’s h00min has tried letting him under the covers with her? One of my former feline owners was big on attacking my feet when I went to bed – until I let her under the covers. She’d settle right down and stay there pretty much all night. =^..^=

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