A slightly different Caturday felid

April 11, 2009 • 5:29 am

by Matthew Cobb

Every Saturday, Jerry posts something about cats. Some readers find this irritating. I have been instructed to keep up the tradition, so here’s a hypothesis for how they purr. The next job is to test it!


This drawing is by the late great B. Kilban, from his 1976 book of cartoons “Cat”. The official website for Kliban products can be found here. His Wikipedia biography can be found here, and much of it may actually be true.  If Kliban has been dead for the last 19 years (he has), how come they can still churn out lucrative cat drawings? The answer probably lies in this cartoon. Anyone can draw a Kliban cat! Try it at home!


5 thoughts on “A slightly different Caturday felid

  1. Thanks for the tutorial on how to draw a cat, Matthew. That was always a mystery to me. I often referred to this lack of knowledge as my ‘mccavity’.

    What’s happening with the great bookshelf challenge? Did you see my latest post? Any good?

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