Those crazy Germans play a Darwin-related April Fool joke

April 1, 2009 • 10:02 am

An alert reader from Basel has sent me a link to an April Fool article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, published in Munich.  It describes a new movie in which Quentin Tarantino directs Tom Cruise in a movie about the life of Charles Darwin.   Using my rough German (no time to translate the whole piece), the beginning reads:

Set visit: Cruise plays Darwin


“Like Stauffenberg [the anti-Hitler Nazi who Cruise plays in a new movie] with sideburns.”: Tom Cruise and Quentin Tarantino film Darwin’s life on the Galapagos Islands — and even make evolution palatable to creationists.

Accompanying the article is an action scene from the movie:


3 thoughts on “Those crazy Germans play a Darwin-related April Fool joke

  1. Whoever did the Photoshop job needs to learn some basic physics, like the Pauli exclusion principle. Roughly paraphrased, the Pauli exclusion principle states that a carapace and a leg may not coexist in the same volume of space.

  2. Silly Reginald,

    The turtles have obviously been bred to feature comfortable, inbuilt saddles.

    By Thetans.

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