“Viva La Evolucion” tee shirts

March 15, 2009 • 11:08 am

I have discovered that others have used the phrase “viva la evolucion” and have made it into tee shirts. They’re cool, having the classic image of Che, but as a chimp, with the slogan underneath (one shown below). They can be bought at a number of websites; rather than recommend one, I urge you to Google “viva la evolucion” and choose one. I’m doing it!


Addendum: an alert reader (see comments below) has found the tee shirt with Darwin’s image at Cafe Press, here.

4 thoughts on ““Viva La Evolucion” tee shirts

  1. I don’t think the chimp image is as good as the Darwin image. If that can be made available, I don’t think I would be the only one wanting one.

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