Fidel reading Darwin: Viva la Evolucion

March 13, 2009 • 10:28 am

Hi gang,

I’m back again from my tropical Darwin adventure, and will be taking over the blog again slowly.  Many thanks to Greg for doing such a terrific job!  Just a note today about what El Jefe is reading during his recuperation:

Fidel Castro living in house with pool

BUENOS AIRES — An Argentine academic has given the most detailed view yet of how former Cuban President Fidel Castro has been living in retirement, saying he met him at house with a small pool, medical equipment and a desk stacked with notebooks and newspaper clippings, a newspaper reported Thursday.

Political scientist Atilio Boron told the Argentine daily Clarin that he had expected to meet a physically diminished man when he met Castro on Saturday, but he found the 82-year-old Castro had good color and muscle tone.

He described Castro as relaxed to be out of power, and spending his time rereading Charles Darwin’s ”The Origin of Species” as well as writing occasional ”reflections” on current events.

7 thoughts on “Fidel reading Darwin: Viva la Evolucion

  1. Here’s how I expect Denyse O’Leary to respond to the news after she’s had “a few glasses” (read: “two bottles”) of wine:


    And the connection between Darwinism and communism becomes even more obvious.

    I hereby christen the term Darmunism to lump together both of these filthy sins against my God. (I will post again when I have figured out how to incorporate the terms racism, cannibalism and murder.)

    P.S. Evolutionary psychology sucks, and BUY MAH BOOK!

  2. My students of Biology Education in the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) thought that they had invented that slogan (Viva la evolucion). They printed it in T-shirts this week with a picture of Darwin with a Che-beret. I’ll get a photo of one of them and send it to you.

  3. I’ll try to act surprise when some creationist uses this little fun-fact (i.e. Fidel reading the Origin) to “support” their twisted “logic.”

    Maybe we should start a pool on the nature of the argument? I’ll throw in for some sort of “Evolution leads to communism” nonsense.

  4. Marilar, I’m afraid that phrase and idea was already popular a few years ago. Just try searching “Viva la Evolucion” into google images to see a host of similar such t-shirts.

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