One of Them: Part IV

April 30, 2015 • 6:38 am

Wiley Miller continues his series on America’s Hate Laws at Non Sequitur. (Why does that old dude have a cat on his shoulder?)


Reader “Micky pearce” (who won’t be seen here in the future) tried to comment on this post, demonstrating precisely the kind of religiously-inspired bigotry shown in the strip:

This is unfair freind. Who wrote that. Not accurate complete picture. pro-gay businesses have rejected Christian approaches too. If homosexuals are wicked enough to approach and target Christian businesses instead of the hundreds of others who would happily fulfil their requirements, seeking trouble and the imposition of their agenda upon others, who really is the uncharitable and divisive party at work here. Bigotry works in all spheres, including the refusal to accept someones Christian position.

Is there a correlation between conservative religiosity and the inability to write and spell?

h/t: Linda Grilli

Burger King introduces a “gay pride” burger, Christians worried that believers may consume one inadvertently

July 20, 2014 • 7:22 am

But why? Do they think it will turn them gay?

What with Hobby Lobby, Chick fil A, and other right-wing and/or religious businesses flaunting their faith or even enforcing it on employees, it’s good to see a chain—a big one—come out in favor of gay rights.

It’s Burger King, which, in early July, briefly sold a “Proud Whopper” in San Francisco (sadly, in only one store). Still, that’s something:


And KENS5, a San Antonio (Texas) news station reports:

The downtown San Francisco Burger King sold Proud Whoppers last weekend, during the parade and also passed out some 50,000 rainbow Burger King crowns, that were worn by parade participants and spectators. The video, created by the Miami office of Burger King’s ad agency David, captures customers discussing whether or not the burger, itself, is different. At $4.29 it costs the same as a conventional Whopper. And, indeed, customers ultimately discover the only difference is the rainbow wrap.
All Proud Whopper sandwich sales, Machado [head of BK international brand marketing] says, will be donated to the Burger King McLamore Foundation for scholarships benefiting LGBT high school seniors graduating in spring 2015.
Here’s the company’s video, which also includes a few people beefing about the burger:

Unsurprisingly, the American right just can’t leave this alone. The Raw Story reports some pushback from the odious American Family Association:

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer voiced his concern on Friday over the idea that a new Burger King item honoring LGBT Pride events in San Francisco could be sold in other parts of the country, Right Wing Watch reported.

“If this isn’t bottled up in San Francisco, this kind of nonsense, then it’s going to be spreading across the entire fruited plain,” Fischer complained. “And you’re going to be going to your Burger King in Des Moines, Iowa and you’re going to have a rainbow color wrapper for your Whopper.”

I can’t help but think that “fruited plain” (which comes from one line of the patriotic song “America the Beautiful“) is a sly and denigrating reference to gays, which in my youth used to be called “fruits” (pejoratively, of course).

The burger chain featured the “Proud Whopper” earlier this month at one San Francisco location, bearing rainbow-colored packaging and the phrase, “We are all the same inside” on the inside of the wrapper. The company also posted a video of people ordering and reacting to the promotion.

“I cried in there,” one woman said in the video. “A burger has never made me cry before.”

Fischer scoffed at the tearful reaction, and suggested that his group would try to do an “action alert” to protest to the company.

“I gotta tell you, I think this is a marketing mistake,” he said. “I think this is a bonehead move from a marketing standpoint. Because I gotta guarantee you, when people sit down to eat a hamburger, the last thing they want to be thinking about is two guys having sex.”

Yeah, as if that’s what they’d be thinking about. And I seriously doubt that Burger King has lost any business.

h/t: Ginger