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The pond had a visitor

The visitor is not one that I welcome in terms of potential carnage to my beloved ducks, but I do love to see it because the visitor is stately, splendid, and gorgeous. It is, of course, a Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias), and we haven’t seen one at the pond for several weeks.  When I […]

The runaway duckling

Here’s a lovely video starring a brood of ducklings mothered by a gray cat named Prince Michael, and featuring an Ostracized Duckling, one Gabriel Aaron Duckworth. Watch Gabe’s travails as, unable to take the jeers of his four siblings, he runs away from home. Gabe has many adventures as the distraught Prince Michael searches for […]

Proprietor’s wildlife: Thursday ducks

It’s time for a report on how Honey and her brood are getting along. The answer is, to Coyne a phrase, “swimmingly.” All 17 are healthy and growing, with some nearly the size of their mother. (There’s still no sign of any brood from Dorothy, and I hope she’s not cooking up another one.) Here […]

Two ducks for Tuesday

We still have all 17 babies, but they’re hardly babies any more. They’re at the end of their scruffy teenager stage, with just a bit of down on their butts, and their adult feathers coming in. This is the stage when I think they look most like dinosaurs. Look at those oversized reptilian feet! And […]

Friday duck report: pictures and videos

After the stress of the last couple of days, culminating with me immersing myself in the pond and netting 7 ducklings whose fate otherwise was to die at the wings of Honey and her brood (they’re all fine now and being raised at a wildlife rescue facility), I deserve a break. And indeed, the last […]

Last duckling captured and rehabbed

In this morning’s post I recounted finding a lone day-old duckling with the new hen (I removed six babies from her last night), a duckling who magically appeared overnight. After watching it all morning, and seeing the mother repeatedly attacked not just by Honey, but also by her offspring and one of the drakes, I […]

The duck issue continues

Well, I went back to the pond this morning a bit more chipper, as I thought all the ducklings had been rescued last night—I netted six. But lo and behold, I got to the pond and saw a female in the channel. I fed her, and only then did I notice that she wasn’t alone: […]

You think *you* have troubles?

It was a rough evening; I should be asleep, satisified that all is well with the one thing I can control: the ducks at Botany Pond. BUT: A new brood consisting of a mother I’ve never seen and her six babies came to the pond. Actually, it was four babies; the other two were scavenged […]

Proprietor’s wildlife: Wednesday Duck-O-Rama!

I’ve been remiss in posting photos of Honey and her 17 babies (yes, there are still 17), but today we’ll have a Duckapalooza of photos and videos to bring you almost up to date.  Between May 21 and the end of May, the ducklings began growing in their adult feathers, starting from the neck and […]

Manager’s wildlife photos: the tale of Sam the Duckling

Today’s “wildlife” comprises photos and videos of Sam, the orphan duckling I rescued last week. I have to say that spending a day and a half with this duckling was one of the loveliest experiences of my life, even though it took a lot of time and work. The backstory: on May 20, someone found […]