Upcoming webinar panel on the future of affirmative action

February 9, 2023 • 12:45 pm

Here’s the announcement I have, and note that the seminar/webinar features Loury and McWhorter, who will surely make some people angry. But everyone knows that affirmative action is effectively dead, just as we know that universities will find a way around it when the Supreme Court bans it this Spring.

To register to see it, just click HERE (or click on the screenshot. You need provide only your name and email address, and it’s free.

7 thoughts on “Upcoming webinar panel on the future of affirmative action

  1. Thanks for the heads up Jerry. What a friendly school…Friday afternoon colloquium followed by pizza at dinner time. Years ago, we had coffee and cookies at 3:30 in the physics library, followed by physics colloquium at 4:00 every friday afternoon. The department chair explained to graduate students that it was our moral obligation to attend the colloquium if we drank the coffee and ate the cookies…an honor system of sorts.

  2. UNC is now a “Chicago school” is it not?
    Good sign that they are willing to risk making people angry.

    1. I’m pretty sure what you mean by “Chicago school” in this context, Leslie, is that UNC adheres to the University of Chicago free-speech principles (which I believe to be accurate, at least as to the University of North Carolina’s main campus at Chapel Hill).

      Generally, when one speaks of the “Chicago school” on this side of the border, it’s understood to refer to a school of conservative economic theory developed by U of C professor Milton Friedman and his acolytes (including the related “Law and Economics” movement) — which may also accurately describe Glenn Loury, though I’m not familiar enough with his academic writing on the dismal science to say for sure. 🙂

  3. Loury and McWhorter, who will surely make some people angry. Indeed, but those people need to listen to and engage with Loury and McWhorter’s arguments, not dismiss them because they’re the “wrong type” of black .

    1. Anyone who is angry about McWhorter and Loury reveals themselves as a closed-minded catastrophist, or has not paid any attention to the actual arguments the two men put forth.

      Of course there is disagreement when it comes to affirmative action and other issues pertaining to racial imbalances in the U.S. But McWhorter is a bona fide liberal who simply disagrees with the current required narrative about race and racism (as it pertains to black citizens) and Loury is a man who has, to be honest, ranged across the ideological spectrum in his life and now considers himself a conservative.

      Neither is a raving loony. Both fully understand and accept that inequality and prejudice still exist. They simply differ on how to address it and refuse to surrender to the most extreme, unexamined prejudices and pre-approved belief system of—sorry—”woke” people, of whatever race.

      Neither is irrational, unfair or in any way inelegant or crass in expressing their views.

  4. Right Ken, I meant the former. I realized as I was posting it it was a double-entendre but even the University of Chicago was only the home of Friedman’s Chicago school. The University itself did not, and would not, take an ideological position on the movement of course, so even U of C could not be said to be a “Chicago school” in the Friedman sense.

    Prof. Friedman used to write a column in Newsweek or Time during my high school years which I devoured weekly and which no doubt corrupted me for life. I voted socialist for several elections after turning 18 in atonement. But it didn’t stick.

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