One more rescue today

July 3, 2022 • 3:38 pm

I’m not sure how long I can take this, but, at the afternoon feeding of Audrey’s brood, a newborn duckling showed up in the pond. It had no mother. (I wonder if someone tossed it in the pond.)

So, bandaged up, I had to go in once again and rescue it. This was another tough one, as the duckling was lively and very clever about escaping. After I ran it across the pond a few times, though, it got tired and was easier to snag with my butterfly net.

The little one was in superb condition–very lively and squirmy.  And Alia and Lorenzo, for the second time today, drove it to a rehabber, this time a different one. The tiny mallard is now safe and warm.

And I had to go through the hour-long process of delousing, showering, and getting myself re-bandaged and re-antibioticed by Team Duck member Jean (thanks!).

I guess it takes a village to save a duckling!

Here I am with the singleton. It’s almost as if it showed up so I could rescue it and make up for the one who was pecked to death earlier today. I know that’s superstitious bunk, but I’m happy to have rescued this one. Total now: 31 saved and rehabbed out of 36 that needed to be saved.

Photo by Marie of me and the singleton:

Thoughts and prayers to the Duck God that this be the last rescue of the season!

13 thoughts on “One more rescue today

  1. Hey, would waders help?

    I KID I KID!
    [ ducks ]

    Seriously, it is a magnificent thing to do, glad to hear it!

    1. Yes, I second the idea of having water shoes on hand to prevent a bad cut from a scrap of metal or glass in that pond. I like Teva (or similar) sandals; they’re secure in water without bogging you down. In any case, I hope you won’t have to do any more rescues!

    2. Could it be the one that went missing earlier? The one you thought drowned? Seems most likely?

      Oh I see that one turned up.

      Take care of yourself Duckfather!

  2. What about attaching a lightweight telescopic pole to a fishing net, Prof. Coyne? (I don’t know how big is the pond)

  3. An incredibly exhausting duck farming season – you’ll have earned a rest when the drama eventually comes to an end in a few weeks!

  4. We seem to be running later than you, being further north. Yesterday, one of the mallard hens brought out five ducklings on the far side of the pond. Much excitement.

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