Duck news!!

June 12, 2021 • 2:00 pm

I haven’t reported the fact that in the last two weeks we’ve had two new crops of ducklings (a total of 15), as it’s very crowded with people on campus during graduation and I didn’t want to draw a lot of folks to the pond who might disturb the ducklings. (I do, however, spend a lot of time explaining ducks to those who show up and spot the babies).

But the babies are now past the sensitive stage, and I’ll soon show some pictures of our two new broods: one from Misty (five ducklings) and one from Shirley Rose (ten ducklings). I have lots of adorable pictures, as well as video and some bonus video of our turtles courting each other in the pond. The other thirteen are now teenagers and, I calculate, should start flying within two weeks. I’ll have photos of those as well.

I’m also very happy to report that all the ducks, young and old, are coexisting without rancor, something I was really worried about.  Further, Honey has reclaimed her brood of four, and they’re a tight little family again, although her “babies” now look like miniature Honeys.

In the meantime, have a picture of one of our new ducklings, as well as one of me feeding Honey out of my hand just this afternoon.

It’s hot  today, and all the ducklings, both new ones and teenagers, are having a snooze in the shade.

One of Misty’s five ducklings on the day it entered the water for the first time.

Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus) feeding mealworms to America’s most famous mallard (photo by Jean Greenberg):

11 thoughts on “Duck news!!

  1. In these times especially, news like this is what keeps us going. So glad to hear it, and to see these delightful creatures up close.

  2. Lovely to know that everything is well at Botany Pond. Enjoy all photos but especially of PCC(E) with Honey. This is a reward for the stress of keeping everything calm at the pond.

  3. Two new duckling broods plus the turtles a-courting?

    Quite the wanton fleshpot Botany Pond has turned out to be.

    1. Herons were seen twice by others; one was chased off by a mother duck, the other by a person who knew they posed a danger to the ducklings. So far we’ve seen none in about six weeks.

  4. This is quickly moving from small family drama to long-running soap opera. When will the mysterious and mustachioed “El Pato” show up, stealing Honey’s heart only for her to find out that he’s actually Dorothy’s evil twin brother and they’re trying to scam Honey out of her inheritance that she got when her mother died under suspicious circumstances during which a man who looked like Dorothy but didn’t have a mustache was spotted in the area shortly before the piano fell on Honey’s mom?!? And all of that after Honey’s dad had just died in WWII taking out an entire machine gun nest and saving his entire platoon!

    Sorry, I got carried away.

  5. Good on you duck whisperer! I’d buy you a cigar for the new ducks if I thought you’d smoke it. 🙂

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