Ducks and a gosling rescue

May 12, 2021 • 12:30 pm

Due to a lot of sweat and labor on the part of Team Duck, Honey’s four babies and Dorothy’s ten are doing well, though they’re still wary of each other.  Here are a few snaps, and also photos of a rescue of two young goslings.

Dorothy and her ten learning how to groom and sit on the “duck ring”:

Learning to sit on North Duck Island:

Honey and her four remaining babies (I think they’re all safe now) on Duck Plaza:

This morning on of the departmental employees found two newly hatched goslings in the street in front of our building. I was told that two “ducks” had been found, but these were HUGE and clearly geese. They were in good shape, and probably part of a brood that jumped from a rooftop (two others have been found in the street in the same location, and all four were taken to rehab):

I arranged for Chicago Bird Collision Monitors to take them, and thanks to the kindness of two workers, they were taken in for rehab, probably to join their brothers and sisters.  They seemed to be in very good shape.

This is the first time I’ve ever held a gosling. They are big, soft and sweet:

The two we took to rehab:


14 thoughts on “Ducks and a gosling rescue

  1. With the world going to hell in a bucket, it’s nice to have some little fuzzies to snuggle for a while and regain a shred of sanity for the time being.

  2. Speaking from personal experience, you never, ever want to come between a parent Canada Goose and one of its goslings.

      1. I was pretty sure that was the case, more of a personal observation based on hard earned experience.

  3. Thanks, PCC—this is the news we’ve been hoping for all the past week. And the goslings and their rescue is a great bonus.

  4. You can tell how soft the goslings are from the photos. They are beautiful. Their down almost looks like tortoiseshell kitten fur.

    1. After Dorothy’s traumatic experience of last year, when Honey stole her whole brood, I wonder if she mistakenly ‘thought’ that Honey killed her babies. Perhaps losing one’s brood to a ducknapper is akin to a death. I can only imagine that Dorothy has now been naturally primed to gain the upper hand.

  5. You’re the Bird Man of Chicago! All the babies (including the goslings) are just adorable. Keep up the good work.

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