Readers’ wildlife photos

April 11, 2021 • 8:15 am

It’s Sunday, so we resume our series of themed bird photos by John Avise. John’s notes are indented, and you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

Avian Stretches

Much like us, birds can display a wide variety of different poses when stretching.  From stretching their wings, to stretching their legs, to stretching their neck or back, this type of activity can result in many different postures, each typically held for just a second or two.  Some stretches may also be associated with or incorporated into other avian behaviors, such as sunbathing or courtship rituals.  This batch of photos shows a variety of birds captured during diverse stretching exercises.  Except where otherwise noted, all pictures were taken in North America.

Cinnamon Teal, Anas cyanoptera:

Blue-winged Teal, Anas discors:

Lesser Scaup, Aythya affinis:

American Avocet, Recurvirostra americana:

Another American Avocet:

Marbled Godwit, Limosa fedoa:

Another Marbled Godwit:

Willet, Catoptrophorus semipalmatus:

Another Willet:


Western Sandpipers, Calidris mauri:

Black-necked Stilt, Himantopus mexicanus:

Anna’s Hummingbird, Calypte anna:

Brown Pelican, Pelecanus occidentalis:

Blue-footed Booby, Sula nebouxii (Galapagos Islands):

Snow Goose, Chen caerulescens:

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  1. Note: I see that several of the wildlife pictures on today’s post got mixed up (are missing and/or are obviously mislabeled).

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