Verification of Honey (and Kim Jong-un)

March 3, 2021 • 8:30 am

Yesterday I managed to get a photo of the putative Honey’s bill from the left side, comparing it to photos taken in 2018 and 2019. The putative new Honey shows the upside-down “U” pattern on the left side of her bill. Since I matched the right side the other day, I declare that the duck that was here for the last two days is indeed Honey.  She wasn’t here this morning, but she and her BFF and her drake flew in a short while ago and are busy trying to clear out the five other drakes and three other hens that invaded the pond this morning.

Here are the comparison photos:

Honey’s bill, left side, 2018:

Honey’s bill, left side, 2019:

Putative Honey’s bill yesterday:

It’s a match!

And I saw this banner on my way home yesterday. WTF?

“Live, Laugh, Love”? Maybe he can, but not the oppressed people under his thumb? Why did someone put this up?  And why is there a submarine there?

16 thoughts on “Verification of Honey (and Kim Jong-un)

  1. He looks thrilled to be on the second floor there in Chicago. Maybe round rooms are his thing. Trump doesn’t own the building maybe?

  2. I imagine the Kim Jong-Un thing is what hipsters these days call “irony.” I can’t be sure, but that’s my best guess.

  3. It is Kim Jong-Un’s version of “Eat, Pray, Love” but in NK there is very little eating, no official praying, and everyone would love to escape to SK.

    1. Kim seems to have no difficulty finding things to eat, just judging from appearances. It’s the pray and love parts I find hard to believe.

  4. You could knock on the front door and ask about the banner….politely out of innocent scientific curiosity of course. I do not understand much of the younger generation these days and often need to have their irony and humor explained to me.

  5. The Botany Pond web cam is still running – it has been on 24 hours since it launched. There are over a dozen ducks on the pond right now.

  6. Man, that banner is preposterous. Is it a joke? A leftover diehard Trump supporter? Remember that Trump and Jong Un had a letter love affair and perhaps more (kidding). But Trump himself said “they were in love” or some such. (I don’t try and correct Trump quotes nowadays.) I’m just pointing out that for a POTUS, it was really fucking weird.

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