Howling with wolves

January 19, 2021 • 1:30 pm

I’m off to the dentist downtown for my first cleaning since the pandemic began. I will wear a mask except when they’re scraping my teeth, and now one must gargle with a hydrogen peroxide solution. That’s okay by me!  I’ll leave you with a short animal video.

If you think yawning is contagious, look at this mischievous woman starting a group howl. What a racket! But how did she get to be with the wolves?

41 thoughts on “Howling with wolves

  1. I spent some time in contact with wolves. Not too hard if you know people who work with them. The wolves in this video are the smallest I’ve ever seen, maybe they are young pups.

    1. “The wolves in this video are the smallest I’ve ever seen”

      While watching this video, I was thinking exactly the opposite: “Those are really big wolves”. After reading your comment, I checked a couple of videos with american wolves, and I was shocked! In Italy we have wolves, but they are much much smaller (the size of a German shepherd or even less, I would say). Same species, different subspecies.

  2. I delayed my regular visit to the dentist from spring to summer when i had a better feel regarding contagion and precautions. My dentist did a very good job of metering entry of patients. We are in suburbs so dentist office has its own parking lot and patients remain outside in their car until receiving a cell phone call to come inside. Everybody on staff had masks and face shields. Yes i gargled with peroxide rather than usual mouthwash. They wiped down all contact surfaces before and after my treatment/cleaning. You should be fine.

  3. I had to cancel a dentist appointment aftér dealing with a touring cricket team, six tested positive the next day. He (the dentist) as to be expected was most appreciative.
    I had to wait until the following year 🙂 for my visit.

  4. My dentist was pretty lax. He pulled down his mask to smile at me. His receptionist wore a mask loosely and it kept drifting down off her face. The hygienist was very chatty and may have pushed air through her mask more than is safe. Now I regret going. It would not have been a problem if I’d waited a few months for Biden’s sped up vaccines. No symptoms so far.

  5. I was at the veterinarian for my dogs some years back and a woman had two wolves as pets. They were so big, but gentle and a little shy. I also saw them being walked around town. The woman asked me to hold on to their leashes when she ran to the car. It was so thrilling for me to hold wolves by a leash.
    My guess would be if you get them from a fairly young age, they can be raised like dogs.

  6. I’ve known some women over the years about whom it was said (sometimes by me) that they liked to get out and “howl with the wolves” — but never this literally.

  7. Whenever I started up my bagpipes, our Sheltie dog would burst into wolf-song. I could not play with him in the same room, so poor chap was re-located to another room during my practice sessions. Somehow, and sadly, he could not get in tune with the bagpipe chanter!

    1. Video with full volume soundtrack, or it didnae happen!

      Can you manage it for Burns’ Night? Which reminds me to send some haggi to the barbarian south. One turnwise and one widdershins, to keep the populations balanced.

  8. I’ve been to the dentist twice during the pandemic. My dentist and hygienist took many precautions. I think they were more afraid than I was, which makes sense. They see many people a day.

    1. I had moved my appointment back recently for that same reasoning. The staff would see a lot more people than I do (I see virtually no one outside of immediate family), and we’ve come off the holidays so the staff would have been visiting family, whilst their patients would have also been breaking quarantine to visit their families. I’m not about to enter that pathogen party.

  9. At my last tooth cleaning the dental hygienist asked if I had any objections to a fluoride treatment. I could not recall ever having this done before, and since it was covered under my medical insurance I agreed. Immediately after the treatment I experienced some pretty distressing side effects including excess saliva, burning sensation on my gums and nausea. My dentist made a note to forgo that treatment in the future.

    1. How did I put it not long ago? Something about “a self-administered hydrofluoric acid enema” being a phrase one struggles to work into casual conversation. Now, was it here, or in some other, more “esoteric” corner of the Internet.
      The report is in this browser instance’s cache, so it may have been here.
      On second thoughts … just how was this “wash” supposed to work? Unless you’d been chronically (essentially whole-life – back to the formation of tooth buds) deficient in dietary fluoride, you’d be trying to get an ion into a dense crystalline solid, by washing the surface of the compound material with a fairly dilute solution containing the ion. That’s … not really a recipe for success. At least, not compared to an appropriate dietary supplement, over years.
      Next time I go to see Dad, I’m going to print out that case report – at least the first page. It has a definite “second dram of malt” feel to it. Is there any hydrofluoric in the darkroom these decades? I think I had some at home for etching minerals in the dim and distant past.

      1. There are two principle silver halides – or should I say there were – prior to the rise of digital photography. Silver Fluoride is highly soluble in water making it unsuitable for wet processing. Silver Iodide and Silver Bromide are (were) both used.

        1. When I still lived with the parents – well before digital photography was consumer hardware – we ran a monochrome darkroom. It hugely annoyed local photographers when we could, routinely, take photos at a family wedding and deliver enprints (and some 8by10s) in moderate numbers at the reception. We got processing down to a little over 2 hours for 6 films, and any more time we could turn to mass production and selecting portrait prints.

      2. I once used hydrofluoric acid to etch glass in an art class in 7th or 8th grade. Precautions were nearly non-existent. I bet that’s not allowed in public schools anymore.

        1. I treat the stuff like … well, hydrofluoric acid. I’m not particularly paranoid about “chemical safety”, but that one’s reputation is well earned. Worse than oleum, up there with red nitric and the aqua nasti family.

    2. I don’t understand why that would even be of use, assuming you live where the drinking water is fluoridated. Of course there are places where it is not, owing to the local wackaloon lobby.

    1. Hi Jerry,

      I too have been to the Wolf Park in Indiana as a college intern one summer. Definitely recommend a visit. As an intern I gave talks to the public (always a good practice) and was able to go into the pens to clean an interact with the animals (best payment ever!)

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