12 thoughts on “Headbutting lessons

  1. Presumably the ram is being territorial and trying to intimidate the bullock, but (fairly sensibly) doesn’t go through with full head clashes?

  2. Headbutting seems a really strange behaviour to have evolved given the precious cargo of the head. Feels like it’s a very high stakes manoeuvre.

    1. Goats have a sinus between their outer cranium and their inner cranium, so the brain is protected during head butting.

      That’s why you hear that “hollow pumpkin” thump.


  3. The sheep is definitely a ram. He is puzzled the steer(?)is not playing the game! Two rams deciding to fight would back off equal number of paces, about 10m and rush towards each other, without stopping, to collide head on. The noise is horrific and the fight continue for up to an hour or till they are literally both punch drunk. I have seen one ram kill the other in these fights. Basic rule with rams is never to turn your back on them if you have to walk into their paddock.

  4. “Teaching” the bull to headbutt would imply that the sheep has a theory of mind.

    Yet, if it doesn’t have a theory of then why is it pulling its punches? Doesn’t that suggest that it knows that the bull doesn’t share its understanding of the art of headbutting?

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