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July 28, 2020 • 2:45 pm

We have one more in reserve after this, and then we’re done. I keep saying that, and obliging readers send me their photos, but only in a trickle. If you’d like to be featured, put together a couple of nice photos (two or fewer preferred) and a short narrative, and send it on.

Today’s reader is Andy Wangstad from Kent, Washington. I’ve indented his words:

I was a chemistry major at university, but ended up with a career with the Boy Scouts and finally owning a print shop. I’ve always enjoyed helping people and so have been very active with Rotary clubs. “People of Action,” as they say. Retirement came in 2005, so I donate graphic design to numerous clubs and organizations.
The picture of me with a kangaroo joey was taken at a kangaroo sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia a couple of years ago. I’m the one wearing the hat.
They encourage drivers to stop if they see a dead kangaroo along the road (I understand this is quite common) and check its pouch for a joey. If old enough, they raise it and release it back  into the wild. They also treat injuries. If the joey is very young, it must live its life at the sanctuary and that gives visitors a chance to hold one. We were warned, however, not to pass it around because that confuses them. We needed to hold it at least five minutes.
Others photos are of kangaroos at the sanctuary and a sunset. The large male was pretty famous, but passed away last year.


24 thoughts on “Photos of readers

  1. The reclining male’s pose is so human! Great photos, thanks for sharing them.

    “I keep saying that, and obliging readers send me their photos” – sufficient unto the day thereof, Ceiling Cat will provide!

    1. Thank you. Graphics was my “fun” activity at the print shop. I would figure out what a customer would want, do a mock-up and, if that was on target, hand off to my graphic designer. It was easier for me to relate to the customer than my designer.

    1. Yes. But good to know. I am not likely to ever be able to use such information, but I do like knowing. If a situation were to arise.

      1. Have seen a shorter edited version. This one was much more fun. As if kangaroo was really adjusting himself to just give the guy just a little push.

        1. Love that video!! Kangaroos are seen as pests in that part of Australis. The edible part is the tail, and it’s quite tasty.

  2. One thing I do not miss about Australia is seeing the wildlife carnage on the roads. It’s heartbreaking. I never heard of stopping to check for a joey. Would have done. (Did rescue injured animal once– kept it for a night in a box and brought it to the shelter when it opened the next day. Those rescue workers do such a great job. I don’t know how they can be soft hearted enough to want to do it, and emotionally dispassionate enough not to just get heartbroken with each death.)

    1. The first three (former) kangaroos we saw in Australia were roadkill, the first almost immediately after leaving Melbourne airport.

    2. Interesting comment. We spent almost a week in Alice Springs and drove all around. Never saw any roadkill. Maybe it’s seasonal.

  3. Good on you, mate! -with the ‘roos.

    Rotary changed my life – I’ve never been a member but they sponsored a trip to Japan I undertook as a high school student from Australia, staying at Japanese Rotarians’ homes, studying the language. I’ll always be thankful to Rotary for that. I still speak Japanese as the trip convinced me to move and live there as a young man.
    Years later I emigrated to NYC but that’s another story.. I still visit Japan often.

    Thanks Rotary!
    D.A., J.D., NYC

    born in Melbourne, Australia

    1. What a great story! I belong to two club – Kent, WA in the summer and Tempe, AZ in the winter. Now with Zoom meetings, the Tempe club had their international students (both outgoing and incoming) at a recent meeting. What a treat!

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