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July 23, 2020 • 2:30 pm

Send in your photos (remember, a maximum of two, with caption). Today’s reader is Ned Rosen, and his words are indented. He also sent a musical video.

I’m a retired math professor living in the suburbs of Boston, avid reader of WEIT but sporadic commenter (mostly about music). One nice thing about my location is that the three grocery stores we use are each about 1.2 miles from the house, so my particular pandemic activity, needing exercise with the gym closed, is to walk with our new rolling cart to buy groceries. We take a small insulated bag with ice packs for frozen goods and fresh fish and meat.

And. . . a Beatles song.

My piano version of She’s a Woman, at a friend’s house in Florida in early February when traveling was still part of life.


21 thoughts on “Photos of readers

  1. Thank you for the performance. I recently got a Beatles song book for violin and the first song is She’s a Woman. I’d not heard it before and I wasn’t too comfortable playing it. I have problem keeping time so if I hear something it’s easier for me to get going. Again, thank you.

  2. Can somebody Please, Please, Help! me?

    “Hey Siri, play She’s a Woman by Ned Rosen”
    ain’t working write.

    Just kiddin, loved hearing you play Ned.

  3. Groovy, man! Thanks for letting us peek into your life, Ned. Glad to hear you’re coping well with the pandemic, and staying active. I need to go for actual walks, in addition to doing laps around the garden, tending to the gazillion plants!

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