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July 5, 2020 • 2:30 pm

There’s one left in the tank after this, so bring out your photos (preferably 1 or 2, and preferably of you doing something in quarantine), and send them to Professor Ceiling Cat, FCS (for chrissake). Today’s reader is Sara Lackie, and her caption is indented:

Today I did something that I haven’t been able to do for many months: I took the harp out of my home and made music with another human being! There are no words to describe how good this felt.

I play Baroque triple harp professionally, specializing in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century continuo which is a historical technique for accompanying singers and other instrumentalists. I love the back-and-forth responsiveness and rapport of working with another musician—solo playing isn’t nearly as satisfying for me. But of course with the pandemic, all of my concerts since early March have been cancelled, and musicians haven’t been able to get together to play in this way. Things are starting to look up, however. Our group’s next concert on July 15 is being converted by the producers into a video-streamed performance without a live audience. We also hope to be able to mount a series of small outdoor concerts at the end of the summer as part of an arts initiative sponsored by the city.

In the meantime, today I met with my dear friend and longtime collaborator Madeleine in her backyard (safely outdoors and socially-distanced, although I think I’m technically allowed to “bubble” with her and her family now) to play some Vivaldi. Madeleine is an accomplished guitar and lute player, and we have worked together for many years. She is now expanding her musical horizons by studying Baroque cello, so today I helped her make a recording to submit to the online cello course she is taking this summer. The photo of the two of us is a screenshot from the video.

I know we look Very Serious, but we are actually enjoying ourselves tremendously!


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    1. It’s tall and awkward, but only weighs about 30 pounds in its soft case. Not like a modern orchestral pedal harp that can weigh 80 pounds or more. You get used to it. I drive a station wagon.

  1. Another WEIT reader musician. I love it! I haven’t played guitar for many years, but I agree that it is much more fun playing with others than solo. To me, I would think learning to play the harp a difficult endeavor.

  2. What a wonderful skill to have. I’m glad you will be able to connect with other musicians and only wish we could hear the concerts you will be doing. I love Baroque music.

    1. Start with a comb and wax paper and work your way up. Don’t jump in the deep end by going full kazoo. 🙂

    1. I tried to get a photo of Meow, Madeleine’s cat, but he only came around later when the instruments were packed away and the food came out. Don’t worry – I gave him lots of chin scratches and ear rubs!

  3. I agree playing one one’s own is not nearly as much fun as playing in a group. We are now almost back to ‘normal’: concert band (bass clarinet) and piano, bassoon and clarinet are both rehearsing, and Burnside Symphony Orchestra is having ‘mini-rehearsal (about 20 players) and will start full rehearsals (50 or so members) in a fortnight. The worst part of the lockdown was lack of regular musical sessions.

  4. A wonderful skill and i am so happy that you can enjoy it during quarantine, sara. I played concert tuba through high school, but did not continue it, and while i totally enjoy listening to music more than 50 years later, i miss making music. It relaxes me just thinking about the baroque music that you and your colleague are again creating.

  5. Any links to recordings of your playing you might be able to link to here, Sara?

    I’d love to have a listen, and bet others here would too.

  6. What a wonderful contribution. I’m someone who can barely play the radio. So when I see musicians, or magicians, I think the same thing: How do they DO that?

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  8. Marvellous! I agree it’s a real joy to make music with someone else, although I have not done it for decades. The last time I got out my clarinet, the dog started howling and the cat left. ‘Nuf said.

  9. enjoying the photos of readers, and would like to participate but cannot locate the means for sending photos/copy. i know i’m just missing something obvious but….

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