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After this post, thanks to new readers submitting photos, I have four more entries, but those will be exhausted quickly. Get your pfiz before thousands of people by sending me photos (maximum two) and a brief tale behind the photos, preferably (but not necessarily) detailing your activities during lockdown). Thanks!

Today’s reader is Dieter Letsch, and here’s his story:

This photo was taken in April when my wife Dianne and I were staying at my mother-in-law’s cabin near Weed, CA.  In the background is Mount Shasta, which is a large stratovolcano in Northern California.  It is near the southern end of the West coast’s Cascade Range.  It stands out impressively above the surrounding forested countryside and can be seen from many miles away.  It is 14,180 feet (4322 m) tall, and has erupted about every 250 years over the past 1000 years or so.  The only historically reported eruption was on September 7, 1786 as supposedly observed by the French explorer Lapérouse from his ship, but that account has been discredited.

The second shot is of the mountain at sunset.

11 thoughts on “Photos of readers

  1. While you were up that way, did you get to Mt. Shasta to visit the city of Telos and meet any Lemurians?

  2. Looks like maybe good nordic (AKA cross country) ski tracks just behind you. And very fine weather!

  3. Nice photos. Long way up the grapevine to the big city of Weed. Appropriate name I think.

  4. Nice photos. Shasta is a great place. As a kid (living in Reno) we used to spend a couple weeks out of every Summer on Shasta Lake in houseboats. Great times. I don’t know what the water level is like nowadays, it seems to have depleted immensely since the 80’s.

    Close-by is Lassen National Forest which is also a great place to explore- lots of geothermal activity.

    Lastly, I’ve always enjoyed “Weed” California. Such a funny name (though I’m sure it’s not in reference to marijuana). I stayed at a hotel there once on a road trip from the Bay Area to Seattle.

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