Readers’ wildlife photos

Today’s batch of photos comes from Tony Eales in Australia, and they are lovely moths. His caption is brief, and the IDs came as photo captions, which I add to the post.

I went up into the mountains for a couple of days because. . . well restrictions have been lifted and we felt like getting out of town. The cabin was right next to rainforest and had an outdoor light so lots of interesting moths. I photographed close to 80 species over two nights. These are some of the highlights.

Acrocercops sp.:

Aelochroma viridicata:

Agathia prasinaspis:

Calyptra minuticornis: [JAC: clearly a leaf mimic!]

Clytoscopa iorrhoda:

Comostola laesiria:

Eudocima salaminia:

Onycodes rubra

Orgyia australis:

Scardamia chrysolina:

12 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

    1. Nice diversity. Mothing is a great way to spend a night outdoors, with new species almost every hour.

  1. What fabulous moth photos! I always love nature photos of all kinds from around the world, as they give us an inkling of the natural diversity on this planet.

  2. There are fantastic, mate! The insect pics are always the best in these pages IMHO. And Oz has some insects that should be Hollywood celebs. MAINLY out of QLD I notice (I grew up in Melbourne where the insects aren’t as spectacular). I guess it is those rainforests you’re lucky enough to have.
    I wouldn’t mind retiring to QLD (rather than the default Florida b/c it is insane).
    D.A., NYC

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