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Okay, folks, I’m down to the last bit of gas in the tank, so send in your photos and captions (maximum two) if you’d like to be in this feature. I’d hate to have to curtail it given the number of people who subscribe.

Today’s reader is Terry Sheldon, and I won’t hold it against him that he sent three photos. His captions are indented:

My academic credentials are no match for those of many of your readers.  I’m just a civil engineer/landscape architect with a one-person practice in south central PA, not far from Gettysburg.  I don’t have any photos of quarantine activities but I’d like to share a couple from an activity I have missed greatly during the pandemic: performing on stage.  I’m no professional but I’ve made friends with a bunch of very talented people in the area and we have a lot of fun together putting on some marvelous shows.

The first photo is a selfie taken prior to my most recent performance of my one-man representation of Edgar Allan Poe last October.  It takes a good bit of makeup, hair color and imagination for me to impersonate someone who died at the age of 40, but it’s a role I thoroughly enjoy.

The second photo is from another role I love, but for different reasons.  The part is that of Dr. Everett Scott in “The Rocky Horror Show”.  The show is so much fun to perform and the part allows me to just let loose and show a different side of me; one with fishnets and high heels among other things.

The final photo is a very rare image of all three of my cats peacefully reposing in a single location.  All three are rescue cats of one ilk or another.  On the right, showing us her good side, is Comet.  On the left is Lord John Grey, my newest felid friend.  Last but not least, in the center is Oliver, who will be my entry if you ever have a Hili look-alike contest.


18 thoughts on “Photos of readers

    1. Comet and Lord John do not have the best of relationships. Comet is therefore attempting to stay as far away from Lord John as possible without actually leaving the bed.

  1. No big school degrees here either Terry. You might soon be going for a part in Cats with your qualifications.

    1. I might be able to play Old Deuteronomy, but that’s about it. I can’t dance worth a damn!

  2. Hi Dr. Coyne,
    I don’t know if you’ll end up reading this but out of curiosity, how do you react to apologetics who use the “solipsism” argument against Naturalism. Like when they say we cannot know anything to be real for sure therefore we cannot bank on pure naturalism. Obviously this seems like nonsense to me but it also seems frustratingly difficult to argue against. What do you think? Thanks.

  3. What fun! I well remember going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show movie while in high school. I had absolutely no clue what it was to be about, or why all the excitement and costumes in the crowded theater. Why were all these men in drag?

    1. The live show is even more fun for both the audience and the performers. You still have all the people in costume in the audience, of course, but now instead of shouting things at the movie screen they are shouting at the actors. And the actors shout right back!

  4. Terry, I can’t imagine what it takes to transform oneself on stage like that, certainly I would not be good at it. You have inspired me to finally try to see Rocky Horror (I’m probably the only person alive who has not).

  5. A 1970s musical theatre show starring a transvestite character – but that’s not enough for the kids today, who would be protesting about the casting of Tim Curry…!

    1. For those people I would offer the 2016 remake of Rocky Horror starring Laverne Cox!

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