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June 8, 2020 • 2:15 pm

Meet reader Reese Vaughn, whose captions for her two photos are indented:

Wearing a mask made by my neighbor; it has pictures of llamas. I’m coming to embrace the mask as I feel invisible when I wear it.

And in the second photo, the late Dave England and I row in his hand-made boat on San Antonio Bay, Gulf of Mexico, Texas.

17 thoughts on “Photos of readers

  1. I love the llamas, too; and that boat is sleek and amazing.

    I’m very impressed by both of your friends’ handcrafted products.

  2. I’m coming to embrace the mask as I feel invisible when I wear it.

    I’ve come to embrace it because it gives me an excuse to skip shaving some mornings.

    Cool mask, BTW.

  3. Wonderful little boat. My parent’s winter place is a few miles from there, and I do a lot of sailing from their dock when I am there. Nice protected waters, but sometimes unexpectedly shallow.
    I automatically respect anyone who is willing to go offshore in a little boat.

  4. That’s a nice mask…I use one of those 3M construction masks and it’s uncomfortable and makes the area covered moist with water vapor. I think I need a more comfortable/breathable mask…with Llamas!

    If I made my own boat, I think I’d be reluctant to actually use it. From what I can see, that looks like a fine vessel.

  5. Love to see such creativity and kindness going on.
    However, lovely though that mask is, according to the considerable reading I’ve done on the subject, it is likely to do almost nothing to protect either the wearer or people with whom the wearer spends ‘close’ time if either are infected.
    The gap where her nose meets her cheeks is where most of her intake of air and her exhalation will pass with virus being able to travel easily in either direction.
    Masks, apparently, need to be very close-fitting (with a stiffening device around the sides of the nose) so they hug *all* the contours of the face.
    Denim is being touted here (Australia) as the best material for masks since it’s very closely woven but still most effective when made into a mask that also contains another filtering material (like vacuum cleaner bag filters).
    I’ve even heard it said that if you can smell perfume while you’re wearing a mask, the mask is useless. I’m no expert on the topic, though, and happy to be proven wrong if readers have better knowledge of the topic.

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