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May 25, 2020 • 2:30 pm

Today’s reader is Charles Minus, which is his handle. His real name is given in his notes below (indented), which accompanied two photos. I left in the encomium as I’m low today!

Hope this qualifies.  I’m Clyde Flowers, my wife is Dianne Flowers, and my cat is Marko.  We are retired and weathering the storm In San Pedro, California. This is a photo of the three of us holding hands while watching the tube. If you use this it will be the second of our cats to make an appearance; our late and sorely missed cat Tiny is still starring in your Halloween Black Cat parade as the Cat in the Hat.
I’m a UC alum and remember the pond clearly (although, as I recall, it wasn’t too clear in those days – late 50s).  Thanks for all you do; I start each day reading your website.

I asked Clyde to send me a photo of himself too, which is below (it mentions a comment I made about the Blanton-Webster era being the best period for Duke Ellington’s band):

Okay, how about this one.  I’m a retired bass player.  Thanks for the reply.  I also agree about the Webster/Blanton era of Ellingtonia although I love all the earlier stuff.


15 thoughts on “Photos of readers

  1. Marko is quite a handsome cat. Are those socks with toes or are my eyes playing tricks on me? If they are, what’s it like to wear them?

  2. Very nice kitty. I had to visit the port down there long ago while I was working at the port in Oakland. Must have been important because I can hardly remember it.

  3. Seeing as how you’re a stand-up bass player, Clyde, can we take it that your handle is an homage to the great jazzman Charles Mingus (whom I think of every time I see your name on a comment)?

    1. I’ve been using that handle for a least 15 years and you are the first person to ever catch that.

      1. I was going to say something the first time I saw one of your comments, but I thought maybe “Charles Minus” was your actual name.

        I already made the mistake of asking an occasional commenter here named “Al Jardine” (a Brit, just minding his own business) if he was the rhythm guitarist for the Beach Boys. I didn’t want to go down THAT route again. 🙂

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