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April 22, 2020 • 2:30 pm

Today we feature Joe Dickinson, who’s contributed many photos to the “readers’ photos” section.  Joe provided the indented caption:

As suggested, here is a picture of what I am doing during the lockdown.  I’m not actually rereading “Song of the Dodo”, but I chose it because it is one of my all time favorites.

16 thoughts on “Photos of readers

      1. We don’t want to put his email in these comments where robots can read it. As it says in the website rules (“Da Roolz”),

        “My email is easily available via elementary Googling.”

  1. I was trying to figure out who got the best chair. Looks almost equal. Never happen with a cat.

    1. Most often he would be in my lap, but I got up and down several times to get the camera properly pointed and focused and to start the self-timer, so he had given up on me.

  2. A very relaxing scene…Your area looks so comfortable. I’m glad the dog is enjoying a great seat in the house and staying safe.

  3. The Song of the Dodo is an excellent book. I also highly recommend another book by the same author, David Quammen. It is called Spillover, published in 2012. It deals with the possibility of a new pandemic originating when a pathogen makes the jump from animals to humans. Would the world be the same right now, if this book had been studied and taken seriously by policymakers worldwide? Who knows. What is certain is that we are in the latest pandemic, but there will probably be more in the future. Can we learn how to deal with them?

    1. “probably” is an understatement. The way humans are ravaging hidden realms and travelling across the globe in droves in a day…inevitable. I guess the question is: is it worth it? I don’t travel much, so no big deal for me. Not so much for the masses of humanity that nowadays needs to travel everywhere. Travel is exhilarating, just don’t know the line between exhilerating and infection..

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