Wednesday: duck report

March 25, 2020 • 2:30 pm

The weather is warming up, and I suspect both Honey and Dorothy, who leave the pond for several hours at a time, are scoping out nest sites. But it’s a bit stressful, as there are usually from one to four itinerant drakes in the pond besides Wingman (the drake in the henage à trois). At feeding time, Wingman and the hens ignore the food to chase the other drakes away, and it’s exacerbated when the Itinerants are trying to get to the food as well. The result is that the hens aren’t getting as much food as I’d like. I do my best.

Two Itinerants grooming on the cement “bathtub” ring:

Wingman and his two mates (I saw a mating yesterday afternoon, but didn’t identify the hen):

Snoozing in the cold (it was a bit above freezing yesterday). The bill is a source of heat loss, and so it’s shoved into the feathers under the wing.

Here’s Wingman chasing three drakes away from the pond. The speed of the chase gets pretty high near the end, when one pursued itinerant drake jumps out of the pond. Note that both Honey and Dorothy are looking on:

My two beloved hens. By now you should know from the bill patterns that Honey is in the rear and Dorothy in the front.

Honey is easily identifiable (rear) from either side of her bill:

The trio likes to sleep on the submerged cement ring:

I was looking for the hens the other day, and finally found them at the edge of the pond. You can see how well camouflaged they are. (You can spot them, can’t you?)

4 thoughts on “Wednesday: duck report

  1. It’s interesting that the ducks can tell each other apart. I can’t, without detailed comparison shots. The ducks seem to know who to chase, and who to %@*^.

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