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December 18, 2019 • 2:15 pm

Now this is a good reader’s contribution because llamas and sweaters. Reader Lee Beringsmith from Wheatland, California writes in:

My wife and I have a long time tradition, every New Years Day (which is also our wedding anniversary): we take a hike with some of our four-legged friends.  This photo is from Jan 1,  2019, when we took two of our pack llamas, Pandora and Ember, with us . We raise llamas on our ranch in Northern California and enjoy any excuse to get out with them. Note we decided to wear our ugly llama sweaters to complete the look.

Can you beat that one? Even if you can’t, send it your reader’s photos (maximum two) illustrating something interesting about you.

17 thoughts on “Photos of readers

  1. Nope, can’t beat this one.

    Brings to mind the children’s book Is Your Mama A Llama?, a favorite of my kids when they were tiny people.

  2. So Awesome!!! I love your llamas and your sweaters and your smiles
    . You two should win the Photos of Readers award. Surely there is a POR award?

  3. Because because Because because BECAUSE!

    Fun fact : Llamas are categorized as native species in the United States. It changed a really long time ago.

  4. I love it, great shot. I got stared down by a llama at a farmers market. It was chewing the cud or at least looked like it was. I began to wonder if llama’s, like camels spit. I didn’t stick around to find out. Cute animal all the same.

  5. Omg it’s funny looking at people in sweaters given it’s forecast to be 44 degrees centigrade here in South Australia (that’s 111.2 degrees Fahrenheit) and 46 tomorrow (114.8)!

  6. I once had neighbors who had a llama and a couple alpacas. The llama got loose once and was wondering around in our yard. Nice enough animal, but my dogs weren’t happy. Luckily the owner was home and he roped up his animal and safely brought it home.

    Terrific photo and I love “ugly X-mas sweaters” of any variety.

  7. What an interesting lifestyle! Why are xmas llama jumpers so popular? There’s loads of designs available. Maybe llama are ‘realer’ in the Americas than the reindeer [woodland caribou] up north?

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