Leon and Mietek monologues

November 20, 2019 • 6:00 am

by Matthew Cobb

The monologues (or monologs, if you prefer) are flying in thick and fast:

Leon: I think that even the mice have got cold feet.

Mietek is on the mend!

Mietek: I’ve sat down only to to think about the strategy of action.

Leon: Again an interloper on my territory!

A note from Jerry: According to Malgorzata, Mietek is healing well now, and has stopped licking at his surgery wound, which is now looking well. Here are two pictures of the kitten (one with his brother Leon) enjoying his new forever home:

8 thoughts on “Leon and Mietek monologues

  1. Any chance of translations for Leon and Mietek dialogues, please? Helps to maintain my very limited Polish! I’ve been saving Hili’s conversations for years!

    1. In Polish:
      1. Leon: Pewnie nawet myszom marzną łapy.
      2. Mietek: W co by tu się jeszcze zabawić…
      3. Leon: Znowu jakiś intruz na moim terenie!

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