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October 20, 2019 • 2:30 pm

Reader Paul Hughes sent two pictures and, coincidentally, I learned that he’ll be on the same Antarctic trip on which I’m lecturing soon.  Paul sent two photos, one especially appropriate because it shows him opposing Brexit, which was the subject of a rare Saturday session of Parliament yesterday. Unfortunately, despite Boris Johnson’s defeat, which made it seem as if he’d have to ask the EU for a Brexit extension, it now looks as if Britain may still leave the EU this month.

Paul’s caption:

I’m sadly having to spend more of my time on politics at the moment, but today (19 October) I had a fantastic day on the People’s Vote  march. I got to Parliament Square, where MPs told us that they could hear us in the Chamber when this lying government was defeated! However, I’d rather be spending my time horse riding with my wife Corinne in Iceland, and next week we are off to Antarctica!

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  1. Sir Kier Starmer will call for a People’s Vote on Monday, so the battle is not over yet. It looks as if I’ll be fighting this all the way until I leave the country on Friday, and meet up with the saner company of Professor Ceiling Cat Emeritus on board the MS Roald Amundsen!

      1. O ! y e s ! YELLOW = m’most favored hue actually,
        Dr Stempels ! Truly ! I know my name,
        o’course; but yellow is m’faved !


  2. Best wishes Paul! My daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter were there too. (I…um…had a couple of rugby matches to watch). The youngest of the three (3 years old) carried a placard saying ‘Stop messing with my future’. I wish we all could!

    Have a great time in the Antarctic. I do hope you will send us your own impressions of the trip (and of PCC(E)’s lectures).

    1. I sometimes wish I had children, they can really come in handy. Mind you, mine would probably take after me and be unable to spell future at that age. I’d probably play it safe and give them a placard saying, “don’t listen to me, I’m only three”.

    2. Congratulations to your family for being there. It was great to see support from people of all ages, from kids to octagenarians. I’ll forgive you for watching the rugby, as you sent family representatives!
      I’ll send in some wildlife photos to the site when I’m back, complete with a detailed critique of PCC(E)’s lectures.

  3. Brexit may yet not happen, according to Zanny Minton Beddoes, Editor-in-chief of The Economist, interviewed on Fareed Zakaria’s show this morning. She says that the PM has asked the EU for a delay which will likely be granted. Later, the PM may call for an election at which he hopes to consolidate his power in order to push his Brexit deal through. She thinks that in the intervening period, people will discover how bad his plan is and balk. I don’t know much about it but that’s what she thinks. My fingers are crossed.

    1. The only problem I see with an election is that it’s apparently a choice between Johnson and Corbyn, rather than between the Conservatives and Labour, and people may well decide that Corbyn is just more than they can stand regardless of how they feel about each party’s policies. If there were a solid third party standing in enough electorates, perhaps an election would result in something good in the rejection of the extremism of both leaders, but an election now looks to me like being between the Devil and the deep blue sea.

      1. See David Frum’s column of today in the Atlantic. Are the Conservatives really prepared to demolish the United Kingdom, not to mention severely damaging the economy, to achieve Brexit for England?

        1. Are the Conservatives really prepared to demolish the United Kingdom, not to mention severely damaging the economy, to achieve Brexit for England?

          They are indeed, as Frum’s article shows. There appears to be few negative consequences that Brexiteers *won’t* contemplate to ensure the UK (at time of writing) leaves the EU. One tweeter said that he didn’t care if we (yes, all of us!) ended up eating grass so long as we left the EU. You can decide for yourself if that makes it an irrational ideology.

  4. Put up a comment here during the cruise when you can get an internet connect, willya Paul?

    Let us know Jerry’s behavin’ himself? 🙂

    Pretty please.

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