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October 16, 2019 • 3:00 pm

Reader Bob Terrace met a famous person and got a selfie. Here are Bob’s two photos and narrative:

Here are 2 photos of me for the “Readers Photo” posting.
I travelled this past weekend from Florida to NY for my 50 year high school reunion. After I sat down on the plane and others boarded, I noticed a man across the aisle and a row ahead with a NY Jets cap. When he turned, I realized he was Joe Namath, the Jets Quarterback who won the Super Bowl in 1969, the year of my high school graduation. One picture is of Joe and me in the terminal  after the flight.

When I arrived at my hotel, while passing the front desk, pulling my suitcase, I stumbled and wound up breaking my kneecap. I spent a few hours in the hospital.

The other photo is at the reunion dinner the following night. I am the one in front in the maroon shirt in the wheelchair. It was 10 PM so we went to the well-lit gas station next to the restaurant.

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  1. That’s what you get for going to a high school reunion. Just kidding. Namath always had bad knees and left the game early I think.

    1. Joe played for 13 seasons, which is not bad for longevity in the National Football League. Per Wikipedia, “in 1999, he was ranked number 96 on The Sporting News’ list of the 100 Greatest Football Players, the only player on the list to have spent a majority of his career with the Jets.” Now, 20 years later, he would certainly no longer be in the top 100 list.

      1. Surprised he was that far down. Looking at Quarterbacks on the list he was toward the bottom. Montana was at the top and Unitas was 5th on that list.

  2. Joe was truly “Broadway Joe Namath” after that victory, which most of the sports pundits thought would not happen. The Jets’ win proved that the the teams of the old American Football League could compete with the teams of the National Football League.

  3. Broken knee cap? Yikes, that must be painful.

    It would be interesting to see High School friends from 50 years ago. I had a 25th a few years back, but didn’t attend.

    Namath’s Super Bowl appearance with the Jets was their last. 50 years! He’d probably be happy to have that record broken. Ain’t gonna happen this year though.

    Hope you’re up and about soon.

    1. It hasn’t been painful since they put an immobilizer on it at the hospital. I am getting around on a wheelchair. I went to an orthopedic doctor who said surgery is not needed. Time and physical therapy is my future.

      1. When they so “no surgery needed”…phew…I’ve had a couple of those. Glad to hear you’ll be getting on without further complications. Yes, been in the PT future thing. Take care Bob.

  4. I realized he was Joe Namath, the Jets Quarterback who won the Super Bowl in 1969, the year of my high school graduation.

    Heck, Broadway Joe “guaranteed” it, while chatting with reports from a lounge chair next to a Miami Beach swimming pool.

    Bet ol’ Joe Willie could still whistle a spiral 50 yards downfield, bad knees and all. 🙂

  5. Meeting a football legend and getting knee-capped – that’s what we call the complete New York experience!

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