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October 12, 2019 • 2:30 pm

Today we have yet another photo of a thespian reader, Leon Glenn, who also sent a cat photo. His notes are indented:

I didn’t think I had any appropriate photos to send until recently, when I was asked to perform the part of a time-traveling professor at a local fantasy festival. (My first career was as an actor, but it has been many years since I made a living in that profession.) For reference, I was the lucky winner of your Most Embarrassing Experience essay contest (involving a hot spring bath in Japan and a pair of bright red shorts), for which I received an autographed copy of Faith vs. Fact with a lovely color portrait of our beloved cat Gremlin, who sadly passed away a couple years ago, at age 19. That’s one of two portraits by your hand that I possess, the other being of our cat Baxter, a previous WEIT World Cat Day honoree ( the one who was found with a glass jar stuck on his head—also sadly passed away).

15 thoughts on “Photos of readers

  1. Really enjoying the all the photos and notes of the other people who frequent WEIT.

    Gang – keep ’em coming!

  2. Steampunk traveller with the time machine key on his breast? Nice cossie & mutton chops Prof. Leon Timepiece!

  3. Best Halloween costume ever. And how do you WEIT readers get so many cool costumes, anyway.

    Nice portrait of Gremlin. 😺

    1. Haha. No phone booths involved, but this character is a pretty obvious parody of that other, slightly more famous, time traveler. My character’s name is Professor What.

  4. I lived in Manchester, England when the original Dr. Who (time-travelling professor!) TV series came on. And IIRC from about 99 years ago, Leon Glenn surely looks a lot like an early Dr. Who!
    That was early 1960s. I never did specialize in arithmetic.

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