True Facts about the ogre-faced spider

September 29, 2019 • 2:00 pm

I’m up to my ears in arrangements for Antarctica, so enjoy this ZeFrank1 “True Facts” video about the ogre-faced spider, a video brought to my attention by Rick Longworth.

By the way, I finally looked up who Ze Frank is, and he has a Wikipedia entry. He’s a 47-year old guy whose real name is Hosea Jan Frank, described as an American online performance artist, composer, humorist and public speaker based in Los Angeles.”  He’s an interesting fellow, and “True Facts” is only one of his many endeavors

And here is the spider video; it has a lot more scientific information and informative video than the usual “True Facts” production. The way this beast catches prey is fricking amazing, as is its egg sac.  Yes, ZeFrank is David Attenborough for Millennials.

13 thoughts on “True Facts about the ogre-faced spider

      1. I first came across him about 15 years ago with this site of computer games for children with various learning problems (including boredom due to being smart). (I work with kids with various kinds of such difficulties.)

        It probably doesn’t work on many browsers today.

          1. I saw or read an interview with him years ago where he said he got a job with someone who managed rock bands, and he was the slacker on the team. He couldn’t believe how they just kept working and working. Finally he realised they were all on coke, and he was trying to keep up with them without it.

    1. And no facts that one might be glad that one now knows but one also wishes that one could un-know, (like how koalas feed their babies or what’s at the bottom of a duck pond at the end of mating season).

  1. Neat video with funny narration! It’s amazing, the complexity of organs and behavior in a tiny creature with only about 100,000 neurons. Endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful indeed!

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