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September 21, 2019 • 2:15 pm

Send your photos, in please (2 max); I have a decent number but there are a lot of subscribers.

Today’s reader is Loren Parfitt from Vancouver, and his notes are indented (cat photo is lagniappe):

I have been following your blog since 2014.  I am an atheist, likely for my whole life (haha I cant remember all the way back).  I love cats and kiteboarding.  I live in Squamish, BC Canada, which is a small town north of Vancouver.  It is a pretty amazing spot surrounded by nature.  We regularly see bears, eagles, seals and sea lions.  This year I had the pleasure to see a couple of Orcas while on the water kiting!  It was a little nerve-racking but an incredible experience.

Here is a picture from the King of the Air competition that I went to in Cape Town in February.  It was an incredible event in a beautiful spot. [JAC: Loren is in foreground; it’s a selfie]

Here is a picture of me kiting at the Squamish spit,  an old river training dyke that we use as our launching spot for the Squamish Windsports Society.  As you can see the spot is surrounded by mountains, which makes for a gorgeous backdrop.  Because the ocean temperature is colder than the land in the summer, we get wind almost every day.  The chief (granite monolith to the right in the picture below) and another mountain range to the left (which you can’t see) create a Venturi effect that guarantees strong winds most sunny days.
I kite every day I can in the summer time, so I end up spending a lot of my time at this spot.
PS Here is my cat Goku.  He is a silver tabby that I got from the SPCA in 2012. [JAC: Look at that fur!]


14 thoughts on “Photos of readers

  1. Greetings, Loren, from Pemberton, where I am currently visiting my son and family. Spectacular part of the world (and bald eagle capital.)

    1. Hi Merilee,

      Pemberton is a beautiful spot too. Specially love Mt Curry. I actually live in Brackendale so very close to the main eagle viewing area. Have a great time on your visit

      1. THanks, Loren. My daughter-in-law’s best friend lives in Brackendale, so I have been there for dinner. We almost adopted a Mt. Curry special (dog) a couple of years ago. Were at North Arm Farm yesterday, near Mt, C. Hoping the rain’s going to hold off a bit this week…

  2. Now that looks like a fun sport. Intense yet probably a lot safer than other types of “flying” sports since you get to land in water if there’s a mistake.

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