Toni Morrison died

August 6, 2019 • 9:23 am

According to CNN, author and Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison has died at 88. I’ve read two of her books (Beloved and The Bluest Eye) and enjoyed them both. Besides her Nobel for literature, she won a Pulitzer Prize (for Beloved) and received the National Medal of Freedom from President Obama, shown in the photo below.

You can see the details, and a retrospective of her life, by clicking on the screenshot below.

9 thoughts on “Toni Morrison died

  1. My aunt went to high school with Toni Morrison in Lorain, Ohio (near Oberlin lol). Can’t recall any stories about her, tho

    1. One of the things Morrison says in the film that she learned from James Baldwin was that, in order to write in their own voice, they had to knock the little white man off their shoulder — the little voice in their head that kept them wondering what the white folk would make of whatever they were writing.

      Made me wonder how today’s writers, especially of youth fiction, must feel with the little politically correct scold sitting on their shoulders — the one always scanning their prose for the slightest cultural appropriation or insensitivity. Must be suffocating, in much the same way, I imagine.

  2. When Toni Morrison was an editor at Random House, she’d bring her Russian blue to work with her.

  3. I see you’re using the picture of her receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award.

    How dare Barack politicize the thing by givin’ it to somebody wasn’t white. 🙂

    Rightwing hated that kinda thing.

  4. A recurring theme in her novels is white folk who are somewhat racist but deeply in denial about their racism.
    I observed this frequently while living in her home state of Ohio.

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