My ducks are in a row

July 14, 2019 • 4:15 pm

Aren’t I lucky? When I walked home from work I took a short detour by the pond—I have no free will about such things—and saw this (it’s an iPhone photo):

Aren’t they adorable all lined up—and with Daphne standing guard? And I get the extra pleasure of knowing that I helped contribute to them all being alive and in good condition.

Ducks are underrated: people like them because they’re “clown birds” that have funny-looking bills and waddle: like soccer balls that quack. But they’re exquisitely adapted to their environment, and avian jacks-of-all trades. But I will stop now and let you enjoy the brood.

19 thoughts on “My ducks are in a row

  1. TOO adorable!!! This is an award-winning photo for sure. And, yes, via you, Jerry, I’ve an appreciation and love of DUCKS I’d otherwise never have gotten. Thanks!

  2. Great light. One of the finest duckumentations of mother and child(ren) I’ve ever seen! Quack!

  3. Nice that the ducks are showing you a little gratitude: ‘Now, Prof Coyne may stop by today, so please, make it easy for him to get a nice photo of you all. You know how happy it makes him.’

  4. This is a truly award-worthy picture! Thank you (and the ducks) for sharing this with us and brightening our day.

  5. Ah, they are indeed adorable!! And you are a great ducky daddy to take care of all these little duck families! I really look forward to your photos & comments on the duck pond!!

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