Wednesday: Duck report

May 29, 2019 • 2:30 pm

I returned from Boston to find the ducklings all there (ten—count them—ten) and eating more than I’ve ever seen a small duckling eat. They’re growing fast, and now their feathers are starting to come in over the top of their down, including on their cute, stubby little wings.  Here are a couple of pictures of the feeding today, and I’ll take more later. Anna and my Secret Duck Farmer took good care of them in my absence.

I had only an iPhone at the noon feeding, but here’s what they look like now. Note that, in the second photo, their feathers are starting to form and creep down from the neck. Also count all ten!

Feathers at last!  And look at all that duck chow, which they cleaned up to the last pellet.

Lagniappe: a view of Gregory’s butt.

And here they are only about a week ago (May 21), looking much smaller:

A video of them eating on May 21.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday: Duck report

  1. They are getting sooooo big! Hats off to Uncle Jerry and the Duck Feeders. You’re all doing an excellent job!

      1. I dunno. Katie’s bill is sure derkening up now and she has that darkening triangle in that corner betwixt the bill and ‘cheek’. Could she be an offspring of Honey’s, if not Honey herself? Just wonderin’.

  2. If one were going to name the ten of them 1-10 downing street, one would need to do so before they lose their down or else everyone will wonder why the hell the crazy names.

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