Readers’ wildlife photos

February 16, 2019 • 7:30 am

Today we hear from Tony Eales in Oz, who, on a trip to Borneo with other “citizen scientists”, produced a paper that you can read about here.  We benefit, too, by getting these pictures of mantises and phasmids (stick insects) from the same area. Tony’s notes are indented.

Continuing the arthropods I encountered in Borneo. This time some mantises and phasmids. The diversity of phasmids was truly amazing. On every night walk I think we would see one to three species that we had not encountered on previous nights. Such a variety of sizes and colours too!

Lots of insects mimic ants as first instar nymphs. This tiny newly hatched mantis was no exception.

This next large spectacular mantis I believe is Rhombodera cf basalis the Shield Mantis. It was very calm and friendly and a great photographic subject.

Phasmids came in all colours and shapes green, red, striped spikey thin fat large and small. I was particularly taken with these knobbly male and female small phasmids, only around 45-60mm long.


7 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

  1. Great photographs!
    I did not know there were so many species of phasmids, but I should have guessed, after all they are insects!

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