More requests from predatory journals (run from apartments)

December 17, 2018 • 7:45 am

I’ve told these people to take me off their mailing list three times; they haven’t complied. Therefore I feel no compunction about posting an email I got from the Journal of Reproductive Medicine. Remember, my scientific work never had anything to do with reproductive medicine.  These people (maybe it’s one person) are desperate since they have to get some more papers within a few days, and therefore are trawling all scientists in hope of getting a bite. Below they want me to submit a two-page “case report”. I have a strong inclination, which I won’t act on, to simply make one up. Perhaps you can suggest a topic!

At any rate, I wrote them back and told them that I was posting their predatory request on this page. And here it is (their emphasis):

From: Global Journal of Reproductive Medicine <>
Sent: Monday, December 17, 2018 6:10 AM
To: Jerry Coyne
Subject: Eminent Support

Dear Dr. Jerry A Coyne,

Good morning…! 

We will be thankful if you could spare your 2 minutes of your valuable time on our request.

We are delighted to update you that Global Journal of Reproductive Medicine is planning to release Volume 6 Issue 4by the end of December and we are deficit of two articles to accomplish this issue.

We are anxious that we are having only a few days to release the issue. Hence, I have chosen some well-known people like you to hold up us to release the upcoming issue. So please support us with your contribution of 2 Page Review/Case Report towards publication in GJORM.

Your prompt submission sustains us a lot and impacts my ranking in the end of this month.

Await your hopeful submission.

Best Regards,

Vanessa Moore

Global Journal of Reproductive Medicine

427 W Duarte Rd, Suite E, Arcadia, California, CA 91007, United States voice +1-805-200-4030

Poor Vanessa—her ranking isn’t high enough!

Oh, and I looked up the address. It’s not a suite; it’s an apartment in an ugly complex in California. Someone lives in that apartment and pretends it’s the office of a journal, calling Apartment E a “suite”. LOL! Should I call the phone number?




33 thoughts on “More requests from predatory journals (run from apartments)

  1. $1.4 million for 950 square-foot apartment? That is insane.
    It’s hard to believe how poorly written that request sounds.

    1. Welcome to California. Must admit when I first looked at it I misread it for $1463 a month rent on a two bedroom. And that would be a lot of rent most places, but not California.

      Maybe tell them, with the collapse of ADA there is no need for more papers on reproductive medicine.

  2. Dear WEIT readers – good morning….!….?….!….XD….

    Please if you could spare five seconds to review comment, I am writing, here. If you could be gracious, it will not up with which I will not put. Please send many moneys of ones and t e n s in highest regards following address:


    Warmest deepest longest regards,

    Worldwide Journal of Rent Is Due

      1. I apologize- my humor got out of hand.

        It was supposed to sound like the predatory journal editor asking for the first time on WEIT because readers like me write “sub” and hey where are you going?

        That was also supposed to be humorous.

        I’ll stop now.

  3. I looked up the journal on google. Looks like they collect articles and publish on line. It says it is an open access journal. Founded by two young looking men in 2012. Had pictures an title of a dozen or so people. No picture and title for Vanassa. She may be someone working partime out of her apartment. Most of the people probably do that .

  4. Just curious – looked up this address on zillow and it is not currently for sale so no need to rush in. The monthly on their estimated price and financing would be $5707. Note that location is everything and this location Arcadia is just east of Pasadena. The one covered parking place is included but community laundry. Very much looks like a converted Apartment complex to Condos.

  5. PCCE thinks that this condo apartment complex is “ugly,” but if I were the owner I would know that the Zillow estimate of almost $1.5M, amounting to $1540 per SF, is beautiful.

  6. I live in a two bedroom, one bath condo in Houston, Texas. I am self employed, and use my condo as my office. Does this make my business illegitimate also? Just wondering

  7. My first job was for a direct mail marketing firm (part-time in college). Part of the value we brought to our customers was that we went through the list, and identified the correct salutation: Dr. Coyne or Jerry. Nothing says I bought your name in a list like pulling it all into the greeting.

  8. Jerry, it’s probably easier to just mark the sender as spam or to use other blocking/filtering tools in your email program to stop seeing emails from that sender/domain.

  9. The people who live there go by Chen or Cheng who are almost certainly just a ‘cutoff’ on a retainer for the receipt of mail & the banking of cheques.

    Juniper Publishing have another address: 1280 Vintage Oak St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA
    this is a 5-bed family home occupied by an Indian, a Vietnamese & presumably relatives:

    Sirisha Chigurupati
    Sirisha Garikapati
    Firisha Garikapati
    Kishore Garikapati

    Christopher N Nguyen
    Christopher N Tdan

    Sirisha above has a LinkedIn profile that has a lot of positive endorsements but it looks like a large ring of fake LinkedIn pages endorsing her. The CV is strange with a string of jobs at what might be real or fake companies [this sort of shenanigans is common on LinkedIn – LinkedIn is crap]. She claims to have studied at “ANU”, but doesn’t link to ANU & no profile pic.

  10. You could submit a brief report on the fecundity and sexual behaviour of Drosophilae melanogaster, including the manifest percentage of homosexuality among them, and that there is no way of interfering medically!

    (Apologies for any mistake I might have made in the scientific term for fruit flies)

  11. The reason why your “stop emailing me” appeals to her failed is because you didn’t address her with “Your Highness” and equally flattering superlatives, and then launched into a get rich scheme involving accepting large amounts of cash from an overseas account belonging to your recently deceased family pet coprolite, etc.

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