Everyday Feminism promotes astrology

December 1, 2018 • 10:15 am

Is it mansplaining if I advise feminists to not link their movement to astrology? I don’t think so, as it’s good advice. Of course, the Everyday Feminism site is beyond the pale, and I really should stop looking at it because their extreme form of Authoritarian and Prescriptive Leftism makes me dyspeptic. (Sample articles on view include “6 signs that you might not really respect your transgender loved one,” “7 reasons why white people should not wear black hairstyles,” “Think it’s #NotAllMen? These 4 facts prove you’re just plain wrong”, and the perennial favorite “10 things every intersectional feminist should ask on a first date.”)  The site loves prescriptive listicles, especially those that make you feel bad about yourself for sexism, racism, ableism, and every -ism there is. Then, to cure you, they offer, for a fee, courses like “Healing from Internalized Whiteness“.

Now reader Su, who, being more masochistic than I, actually subscribes to their newsletter, sent me their latest appeal for money/defense of woo. It’s for an “astrology as healing” course (of course all the readers are wounded), and costs just $34. But that’s $34 down the drain, as well as your rationality if you take any advice based solely on your astrology sign. Below is the ad they sent in their newsletter.

It’s quite defensive, but note that it doesn’t address the strong evidence that astrology is bunk (see here, for instance). Rather, they say, “Astrology might not be for everybody”, even while admitting that it’s not a substitute for science-based healthcare. And note the victimology: “You’re not a terrible person for drawing meaning from astrology!” Well, true, but you’re an irrational person!

Here are some of the details from the course site, which clearly assert that you can be healed from astrology—especially if you concentrate on the Moon and Venus. Now I’m not denying that people might find solace in this stuff insofar as it uses psychological helping techniques. But that’s a misguided way to help—like religion. You could do the same thing without convincing people that their birth signs actually mean something.

(Emphases are theirs.)

Everyone takes care of themselves differently. Perhaps you feel secure in a hot tub, secluded and completely unplugged. Maybe singing union songs in a passionate crowd or feeding your friends and family is the thing you need to feel safe and connected to your community.

All of this is reflected in your birth chart. Digging into your natal horoscope (a two-dimensional map of the sky at the moment of your birth) can both affirm what you’ve always known about yourself and reveal aspects of your personality that remain a mystery.

In this workshop, we’ll take our understanding of the language of the stars to the next level while focusing on considering our safety, our joy, and our wellness. Because astrology is absolutely healing work!

The well of astrological study is deep and the ways in are infinite. There’s so much to learn, and it can be a lifelong pursuit.

So, in this course, we’ll be going over the basics while focusing on the moon and Venus — both are introverted and concerned with nurturing our inner selves.

Why is Everyday Feminism charging people for courses based on bunk? See below:


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  1. “10 things every intersectional feminist should ask on a first date.”

    I read that article before and realized it should’ve been titled “10 things every intersectional feminist should ask on a first date to make a last date.”

      1. Forgive me as a butcher the joke (due to poor memory) “she asked me “what’s your sign?” I replied “Exit”, and left.”

      2. 1. Can you think of a situation where the man might be right and the woman wrong? Okay, see, you actually tried to think of one before answering. We’re done here.

    1. That list is hopelessly confusing, for me at least, being European.

      Q1: Black Lives Matter?
      A1: Uh, as much as other lives.

      And end of date I suppose.

  2. And the pop-up I just just when visiting EF:

    Why Healing From Internalized Whiteness Is a Missing Link in White People’s Anti-Racism Work

    Last time I looked, my whiteness was thoroughly externalized.

  3. “We get it – astrology isn’t for everyone”

    We get it too – truth and reality aren’t relevant to you. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll remember that. Forever.

    1. Support for sex workers of color from LOUISIANA !!! “Geaux” is pronounced like “go” “Heaux” is pronounced like “ho” lol

  4. Maybe singing union songs in a passionate crowd … is the thing you need to feel safe and connected to your community.”

    I could get down with that, ‘cept I don’t think it’s happened since the heydays of the Wobblies in the first half of the last century.

    Hell, you’re lucky nowadays to hear that anyone even dreamed they saw Joe Hill last night.

    1. I never could stand Joan Baez. However, this astrology sounds so religious it must be good. I predict it will do well with all the far out folks.

      1. Never liked her music either. I don’t on’t like her voice; don’t like the melodies; don’t like the lyrics. It all makes me cringe.

    2. This post was almost completely incomprehensible to me. I wanted to get it — I’m sure it was a pretty good joke — but none of it made sense. I guess age gaps really can’t be bridged sometimes 🙂

      1. Here you go, BJ, read about Joe Hill, and about the Wobblies, too. It’s an important chapter in American history — before my time, too, but well worth knowing.

        And if you don’t cotton to Ms. Baez, try some Pete Seeger or Paul Robeson on for size.

        Now, I think I’ll mosey off to listen to some Woody and read some Steinbeck. 🙂

        1. Oh, I know me some Pete Seeger and Paul Robeson. I like Seeger quite a bit, and love Woody (I assume you’re talking Guthrie here, and not some folk guy named Woody McMullen or something and recorded on phonograph cylinders. Or maybe you mean Woody Harrelson. I like him too).

          I’m actually not much into folk music in general, but there are certain artists I love. The Guthries, Seeger, Dylan, Ochs. I do love me some bluegrass, but that’s because it combines the folk with brilliant musicianship, and it’s great skill with instruments that usually gets me going. Combine great lyrics with incredible skill and then I’m in heaven (go Rush!).

    3. I love Joan Baez and her music. I doubt any connection with astrology, if that is implied. Her father Albert was a noted physicist who co-invented the X-ray reflection microscope and her cousin John Baez is a famous physicist at Riverside. Joan is a dedicated pacifist and sensible progressive. Her latest release, Nasty Man, is about Trump.

      1. No such connection intended. My point was simply that “singing union songs in a passionate crowd” was the only worthwhile suggestion in the bunch. And who better among living to sing a traditional one like “Joe Hill” than fair Joanie?

      2. I love her too. Her range and pitch are astounding. And I love her pacifism. I just wish she and Dylan were more visible right
        now, what with the Monster in the WH. Maybe they are tired out (and getting on) and feel it’s up to the younger ones to speak out now. Or, maybe I’m just out of it, and don’t know what they are up to these days. Must look for Nasty Man. Thanks for that information.

  5. It is all about extracting revenue from people who are unable to be skeptical about anything.
    Honestly, I should stop being surprised about what people will beleive. A while ago I was searching the web for an incantation to summon a demon (I had perfectly mundane reasons! Don’t want to get into it here). But of course this meant looking over multiple web pages made by people who are absolutely convinced that you can summon demons.

    Not that I want to give the EF site any ideas…

    1. Actually…

      5 Reasons why summoning demons will help you discover your own “inner demon” for greater self esteem AND give you the most luxurious hair!

      So you summoned a demon, and it turns out to be a privileged cis-gendered male chauvinist! 7 things you can do to send it back to the pit from whence it came.

  6. Why would they focus on Venus, of all planets? Why the Moon? Why not Mars, or Uranus. The latter might help them find a stick.

    Of course it got to be Moon and Venus as the old fashioned symols of the feminine. In trying to combat (((The Patriarchy))), they regress to historical symbols that traditionally mean passivity, love, the non-public and occult. Just like women, meant to stay out of daylight, be passive, harmony-seeking and glow in his shine. Sun and Mars, by contrast, are symbols of power, the active and driven, the public & war. Mercury would be trade, art, shamanism, decision making — things that have to do with borders, or categories or thresholds (and crossing them). Jupiter is an even older symbol for the ruler because its shine was associated with the lighning and thunder. But it got to be Venus.

    Woke people, despite their attempt to seem academic with their postmodern jargon, often show a remarkable paucity of (cultural) knowledge, and intellect.

    1. Ah, Venus. The morning star. Or evening star, depending on the season. Glowing with a steady, silvery light from the clouds that veil its hidden surface. How quintessentially feminine.

      Too bad that the clouds are sulphuric acid in a carbon dioxide atmosphere, the pressure at the surface is 93 (of our) atmospheres, and the temperature hot enough to melt zinc. All in all, not a bad simulacrum of Hell.

      I blame the Russians for discovering this (before their probes died from overheating). But what would you expect from godless Communists?


  7. Thanks to ceiling cat that the EF scam has not hit my inbox yet. There are suckers born every minute – to paraphrase WC Fields (or Barnum??) including foolish feminists.

    1. “…religious privilege embedded in the very asking?” Can’t even ask?

      I’ve always been fond of Mary Poppins, who said “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.”

    2. This illustrates an attitude that became prevalent at FtB of:

      “We’ve explained it once, so you should now agree with us; it’s not our job to educate you; if you’re still disagreeing then you’re doing so deliberately because you’re a bad person; ban the Troll!”

  8. No. For the second time this very mornimg, this
    is .not. feminism nor feminist.

    One more time YET again and list or no list,
    .this., if you are female, is:
    … …

    … you can vote, thank a feminist.

    … you get paid as much as men doing the
    same job, thank a feminist.

    … you went to college instead of being
    expected to quit after high school so your
    brothers could go because ” You’ll just get
    married anyway, ” thank a feminist.

    … you can apply for any job, not just
    ” women’s work, ” thank a feminist.

    … you can get or give birth control
    information without going to jail,
    thank a feminist.

    … your doctor, lawyer, pastor, judge or
    legislator is a woman, thank a feminist.

    … you play an organized sport,
    thank a feminist.

    … you can wear slacks without being
    excommunicated from your church or
    run out of town, thank a feminist.

    … your boss isn’t allowed to pressure you
    to sleep with him, thank a feminist.

    … you get raped and the trial isn’t about
    your hemline or your previous boyfriends,
    thank a feminist.

    … you start a small business and can get a
    loan using only your name and credit history,
    thank a feminist.

    … you are on trial and are allowed to
    testify in your own defense,
    thank a feminist.

    … you own property that is solely yours,
    thank a feminist.

    … you have the right to your own salary
    even if you are married or have a male
    relative, thank a feminist.

    … you get custody of your children
    following divorce or separation,
    thank a feminist.

    … you get a voice in the raising and care
    of your children instead of them being
    completely controlled by the husband / father,
    thank a feminist.

    … your husband beats you and it is illegal
    and the police stop him instead of lecturing
    you on better wifely behavior,
    thank a feminist.

    … you are granted a degree after attending
    college instead of a certificate of completion,
    thank a feminist.

    … you can breastfeed your baby in a public place and
    not be arrested, thank a feminist.

    … you marry and your civil human rights
    do not disappear into your husband’s rights,
    thank a feminist.

    … you have the right to refuse sex
    with a diseased husband [or just “husband”],
    thank a feminist.

    … you have the right to keep your medical
    records confidential from the men in your family,
    thank a feminist.

    … you have the right to read
    the books you want, thank a feminist.

    … you can testify in court about crimes or
    wrongs your husband has committed,
    thank a feminist.

    … you can choose to be a mother or not a
    mother in your own time not at the dictates
    of a husband or rapist, thank a feminist.

    … you can look forward to a lifespan of
    80 years instead of dying in your 20s
    from unlimited childbirth, thank a feminist.

    … you can see yourself as a full, adult human being
    instead of a minor who needs to be controlled
    by a man, thank a feminist.

    I am. Thankfully.

    If you ‘ld been male and withOUT any ONE o’these rights,
    just how swiftly would it have been that:
    ones ‘ld ‘ve risen up and .revolted., d’ya”spose ? FLIP / REVERSE.

    I trust that this list is in ALL of its ways egalitarian and anything – but – threatening to Any and that I shall .not. have “to defend” feminism here upon WEIT … … YET one more time ever again, will I ?

    That trust ? Stupid on my part is it ?

    ALL .need. to be of this kindness taught
    to me by my beloved and late Daddy,
    ” You ? You are not a feminist ?
    Why then, I am sorry for you.
    I am sorry for your loss. ”


    1. I’m very confused by your comment “I shall .not. have “to defend” feminism here upon WEIT … … YET one more time ever again, will I ?”

      Do you think our host is not a feminist or that many here would disagree with your list?

      The post is about the website ‘Everyday Feminism’ which is touting woo and attempting to scam it’s subscribers

      1. No, I think what is meant is that the above list are exemplary accomplishments of feminists, and define what the movement really is. While the above EF article is in effect moving feminism in an opposite direction.

    2. Impressive list Blue, there are one or two I think are not completely correct, but on the whole it is a great list of the accomplishments of feminism. Kudos!

  9. The stars do hold information but it’s not about YOU! BUT! some ancient star could be part of YOU right now, now that’s something to feel wondrous and fuzzy warm about.

  10. Their slogan should be read as: “This webinar is…aimed at the gullible, the credulous and the hard of thinking, from whom we have the best chance of extracting a dishonest buck or two”

  11. Dear EF: I sincerely hope you succeed in your fundraising effort, so that you may continue your mission of spreading woo. To this end, I’m sending you a check for Thoughts and Prayers. Booyakasha!

  12. Jerry’s post says “…but note that it doesn’t address the strong evidence that astrology is bunk.” Going further, the burden of proof is on the supporters of astrology and I’m not aware that any proof has been provided.

    Astrology assumes there exists a phenomenon that people born at certain specific times share a statistically greater number of characteristic than people born at other times. Does any reader know of supporting evidence? Showing this to be true would not be difficult. Decide on a test, such as the CPI, administer it to a statistically valid sample size, and feed the results into something like SPSS. QED. Plus, doing so is not without motivation. What astrologer wouldn’t want to go down in astrology history as the one who finally demonstrated its scientific basis? Impact: if the phenomenon doesn’t exist, then any further discussion about astrology is moot.

    Additionally, if there were even a hint that the phenomenon does exist, there should be a flurry of investigation into it. And by a wider group than astrologists (e.g., social scientists). The cauldron of inquiry should be bubbling, and yet there’s nothing. There would be a host of interesting questions. What’s the nature of the astrological force? Is it one of the four forces or something new? Why is it emanated from only certain celestial bodies? What about quasars? What about sources that aren’t in the visible spectrum? What is the effect of astrological signs, given that the arbitrary groupings of stars we call constellations do not exist in the cosmos? What is the importance of the date of birth? Why not use the date of conception, when the astrological force has to act on only a single cell? Et cetera, et cetera. The problem isn’t that astrology hasn’t provided the answers, it’s that the questions aren’t even being asked. Supporters of astrology claim it’s the oldest science. If so, it’s a dead science.

  13. Isaac Asimov pointed out quite some ago that nothing is actually too stupid to not attract some adherents.

    “There is no belief, however foolish, that will not gather its faithful adherents who will defend it to the death.” -Isaac Asimov

    The below from the same source reminds me of astrology (which is a religion), Mormonism, etc. among other generally superstitious unevidenced outlandish failed claims that believers have created over the millennia.

    “Make up a chant such as: Toilet Tissue, Toilet Tissue, Toilet, Toilet, Tissue, Tissue – Tell everybody that this chant repeated 666 times (the number of the beast) will induce inner serenity and cosmic consciousness, and you will be believed.” — Isaac Asimov

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