Jon Haidt on Bill Maher

October 28, 2018 • 11:00 am

I’m being filmed today (yes, a movie star—in a blockbuster about Free Will), so posting will be light. Instead of my own shaky lucubrations, here’s Jon Haidt on Bill Maher’s show, discussing the idea in Haidt’s new book with Greg Lukianoff (click on screenshot below for the Amazon link). The book has done well: it’s now #7 on Amazon, and got a cover review on the Sunday New York Times Book Review.



I won’t spoil the reasons Haidt gives for the advent of the “snowflake generation,” but you probably know them anyway, and the video is only 8.5 minutes long. As often happens, Maher doesn’t give his guest nearly enough time to talk, but he does get in a zinger against the Huffington Post.  At the end he discusses the huge recent increase in suicide rates for girls as opposed to boys.

Scaramucci is a guest! (He reminds me of Steve Buscemi.)

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15 thoughts on “Jon Haidt on Bill Maher

  1. Maher; those kids who scream at professors for not keeping them safe from bad ideas become people at the “Huffington Post writing their insane woke shit.”


  2. I only just got HBO (waiting for sticker shock on next cable bill) so happened to catch most of this show. Would have liked to actually hear more of Haidt’s comments – Scaramucci’s, too; he is a smart guy – but, as you say, Maher talks too much. I know it’s his show, but why invite smart people on, then talk all over them? He should save it for his stand up shows.

    1. Yeah you have to be really quick and good at not getting distracted to handle the interruptions. I found Haidt to be really good at this as well as Pinker. Sam Harris was too generous when interrupted but Batman was yelling at hi. So I’m surprised he kept it so together.

    2. Agreed. Maher is a frustrating to watch interviewer. He seems to think the audience will get bored unless he jumps in with a belabored though sometimes humorous comment. No Bill, we’re annoyed at the interruptions.

      1. Same here.

        Whenever there is a guest on Maher’s show who I’m actually interested in hearing from, it makes Maher’s “interview” style all the more aggravating. Please…let the guest speak and finish a line of reasoning!

  3. Bill talks to much. Just when I think I like him and can watch him he interrupts with unhelpful comments that distract from the subject.
    My 8 year old grandson has given up his phone except for a few hours on weekends. Hope it lasts. He is more relaxed and feels better. He does talk a lot about killing people on his phone. But he talks about it.

  4. There are other factors relevant to what is happening to girls regarding their confidence and happiness levels, particularly with regard to America’s STEM initiatives. The whole system, teaching, parents, and programs, is backwards with regard to letting girls deal with adversity rather than work through problems.

    Haidt is someone every parent of a child should listen to….boy or girl.

    1. I have Coddling of the American Mind queued up on my Kindle. I liked his interview with Sam Harris so bought it after I heard it. I’m glad it’s good.

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