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October 12, 2018 • 2:29 pm

Maybe it is impossible, but we can give it a good old college try. If they were trying to be funny, they couldn’t have done it any differently.


And if you can’t caption that, then try your hand at your own version of this.



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  1. Body language – Squinting or the narrowing of the eye orbits indicates, very accurately, discomfort, stress, anger, or issues.

    Caption – Sarah – watch that left hand. Kanye – Kim’s gonna be pissed.

  2. I caught a clip of the little soirée in The Oval yesterday. It was cringe-inducing, looking uncomfortable for all concerned. Guess the Donald figured it might do him some good to cage a little love from a black celeb.

    Kanye was a lot cooler when he was takin’ on Dubya after Katrina. Hell, he was even cooler when boorishly “I’ma let you finish”-ing Taylor Swift than when canoodling with Donald Trump.

    Hadda up and do a Nietzschean superman rap for all gathered and everything. Bet his mama woulda like to slap the fool outta his mouth over that one.

    1. Holy Jesus Christ on a bicycle!

      There were moments there when I actually felt some sympathy for Trump (but only a little, I hasten to say). Kanye was rambling on not making any discernible sense at all and Trump was having to sit there and try and look as if he was understanding it, or at least, not look visibly baffled.

      Best comments on Youtube:
      “Kanye is definitely dealing with mental health issues”
      “No I think he’s actually failing to deal with mental health issues.”

      I laughed at that. Okay, so I’m a bastard.


      1. Well, OK, but let’s keep a focus on what is really important here. Would any other president use this obviously troubled black man to create a media event? The focus should be on DT. He’s the 800 lb bastard in the room. Kanye is a victim.

        1. Oh, I agree, in terms of general offensiveness Trump leaves Kanye for dead.

          Still, if someone, troubled or not, makes highly publicised and rather unhinged statements in public, I’m not going to go easy on him. I’m not sure what Kanye is a victim of, other than his own mental derangement.


  3. Going with the Mark Twain themed “Huckabee fin(ished) and the Mysterious Stranger”. Thank you, I’m here all week…

  4. There’s something wrong on that picture. Does Mrs Huckabee Sanders have a partial facial paralysis ?

    Her face is asymmetrical, and not just a little.

    1. Her face is always like that. I think it’s something she can’t help. The bs which spouts from her mouth I believe she can help…

    2. Mrs Huckabee Sanders gets a lot of negative personal attention regarding her facial appearance & there’s those pies & doughnut memes doing the rounds non-stop too – it feels as if there’s proportionally more appearance related material out there today compared with the past. Her ‘faults’, Bannon’s unkempt dress sense, McConnell’s tortoise no-neck head & so on.

      As Merilee says, her face is just her normal & unfortunately still photographs tend to catch her at her most asymmetrical – I suspect this is by design from the photo editors who usually have numerous images to choose from. If you watch video of her WH press briefings you soon don’t much notice her peculiar jaw rotations when she speaks.

      As to her lying – I don’t understand how someone with a marketing degree from a Christian** university can lie!

      ** Ouachita Baptist University – one weird place. It’s all soft, cheap to teach, liberal arts degrees, nearly all students live on campus [you can’t choose to live off campus], no booze & boys’n’girls only mix in their accommodations during fixed social hours.

      1. “I don’t understand how someone with a marketing degree from a Christian** university can lie!”, you forgot the “/s”

          1. Yes, one has to be careful on social media, many might take your sarcasm at face value, although admittedly less on WEIT than other sites. Note, I regularly forget to /s too.

      2. I sometimes imagine negative personal attention stems from the fact that many republicans are actually very low on the attractiveness scale and have been since childhood. In some cases it’s a weird appearance, but often it’s a twisted, sociopathic, personality. They have all spent their formative years withstanding taunts and jeers on the playground. This is, in fact, why they turned opportunistically Republican. They are, essentially, spending their adult lives trying to get even. This is my theory. It belongs to me.

            1. He’s William “Boy Tory” Hague in 1977 at the Conservative Party Conference – 16 year old schoolboy & professional wanker. He rose to be Tory party leader. Watch this short video of him relating a straw man anti-socialism anecdote that he knows will work to raise the attack dog instincts that resides in every reactionary Tory bastard [male & female]:

              1. Thanks “awfully” for that video. Almost tossed my brekky🤬 Was he actually only 16 (he looks 12). He spews a posher sounding Trump base rhetoric.

              2. That’s him at 16 – he’s a towering 6’2″ ? shaven headed, amateur karate expert today with a silly voice & an intelligent, Welsh wife – Ffion Llywelyn Hague, Lady Hague of Richmond [he married ‘up’].

                Met him down a country pub eight years ago by accident – first time he’d been there – he was holding forth to the agog rural locals who are all of the fox hunting, flogging, hanging, anti-diversity [don’t like puffs] persuasion. They were putty in his hands as his underpaid Metropolitan Police Personal Protection Officer stood back sipping a soft drink & looking pissed off – he’d heard all the stories before & resented being out of London away from fam on some useless jaunt. My guess.

              3. You mix with all the BEST people, Michael🤓
                Love the Brit exp’n “down the” pub, or shops, or whatever…

              4. Accents’n’words eh! Must remember to run that blackmail letter back & forth through Google translate.

              5. I see he’s written books on Wm Pitt and Wm Wilberforce. Does he only write about his namesakes?

              6. I’ve read the slave trader one – very detailed, has all the dates & all the other facts you could imagine, but he’s dull – doesn’t like to drive off road, doesn’t seem to have done much investigation outside the library. An unsurprising & decent effort – like my Auntie Mary’s breakfasts.

              7. He reminds me of an episode of The Twilight Zone, I think it was, involving an evil puppet with a boy’s grimacing face. Yes, that’s what I mean by conservatives/Republicans looking impressively odd. Scary even.

        1. Except for the female Fox News presenters, about whom I read lines like “our Republican women are so much more attractive than liberal woman”.

          1. The shorty short skirts on the young uns combined with the obligatory high heels, spray pouted long hair [as solid as a Macedonian battle helm] & the siren lipstick & batty bat eyelashes. All on a gym-fit, underfed, skinny arse frame. Uplift bras.

            And that’s just Catholic, born again Christian & secret cross dresser the submissive Mike Pence [wifey Karen wears the pants & brandishes the whip].

            They have a famous, but confused bunny named Marlin Bundo. Fact.

          1. Yes it might work. Perhaps the key to Democratic success is to chose a tall, Hollywood looking man to run against Trump in 2020. I read somewhere that the tallest candidate usually wins. A woman taller than Trump might not go over well (pun intended).

  5. It’s difficult to find a funny caption for the photo that doesn’t cross too far over race, feminist or mental health lines. In fact, over the past day or so, I have sometimes cringed at how Kanye’s potential mental health issues have been used as fodder for a laugh. That said, since the fate of the idiocracy hangs in the balance, correctness be damned; here goes:

    White House Press Secretary Sara Huckabee Sanders announces a new line of MAGA hats lined with tin foil.

  6. Kanye’s little impromptu performance in The Oval did treat us to the delicious irony of the Fox News evening hosts praising the wisdom of Kanye’s words. This is the same Fox News — and, at least in the case of Sean Hannity, the self-same Fox News host — who thought Kanye was the Antichrist after he said “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” after Katrina, the same Fox News that was outraged when Obummer (who once debased the White House by, OMG, wearing a TAN SUIT and PUTTING HIS FEET on the Resolute Desk) did the American People the grave insult of inviting Jay-Z and Bey for a West-Wing visit.

  7. Caption:

    “Yo, baby, who those funny old white folks be?”

    “Mom, dad, I’d like you to meet my new husband.”

  8. WTF was Jim Brown doing in The Oval with Trump & Kanye? Jim Brown was a “race man” in the Sixties, an active proponent of the Civil Rights Movement. Along with athletes like Bill Russell and Lew Alcindor, Brown stood up for Muhammad Ali when he refused draft induction during the Vietnam War. Hell, I’m old enough to remember when Jim Brown called out Lester Maddox on national tv on Dick Cavett’s show.

    The hell was he thinking, letting himself get involved in this malarkey?

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