Frank comes to breakfast

May 4, 2018 • 9:30 am

The Canada geese haven’t been in the pond since yesterday morning, and I have no idea where they went. The nearest body of water is at least a mile away, and I doubt the goslings can walk that far. So, while I don’t regret that the geese are gone, for they might interfere with ducklings in statu nascendi, I hope they made it to a larger and safer body of water.

In the meantime, here’s a video I just made of Frank swimming toward me at my whistle, and then exiting the pond for breakfast. Excuse the shaky camera as I was walking backwards to his feeding spot while trying to film. Yesterday he ran down the sidewalk to me at top speed, which made me laugh as ducks are ungainly when they run, and he lurched from side to side during the rapid waddle.

You can hear his little quacks at the beginning.

Some pictures of my handsome boy:

Note the serrated edge of his bill, which filters out food while allowing the water to escape. It’s the duck equivalent of baleen:

17 thoughts on “Frank comes to breakfast

    1. Simply gorgeous. It’s such a wonderful feeling to have an animal pleased to see you.

  1. I am thinking the Canada geese need to start the molting process and they needed to get to a better place for that. Just a guess.

    1. They may have been relocated to a better place for them by whoever does that stuff in your country. They knew they were there because of reporting them of course.

      1. Yes, I had seen before that there are large ponds to the east and west. I would not be too surprised if they were at one of them. Would be easy to spot, given their neck bands. they can cross roads. Geese families do that all the time where I live, stopping traffic completely.
        Of course, those same neck bands might help get them found if someone ‘reports’ them to the geese authorities who were tracking them. I wonder if PCC could be put into the loop on that.

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